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A Blog Hawg View of Bobby Petrino Live

Posted by Jeff on October 21, 2010

Last night a friend of mine and I decided to attend a broadcast of BPL at the Catfish Hole in Fayetteville. $20 gets you a seat and all you can eat. I’m no Bill Simmons, but here’s my Running Journal:

Not from BPL. Even though it says BPL.

6:25 – Show up at Catfish Hole. Parking bad but it almost always is.  People love the Hole. Waiting for buddy to show.  Nice mixture of age groups. Lots of kids, lots of seniors.

6:30 – Buddy shows up. We get seated. The hostess mercilessly marches us past the lovely and very full buffet on way to seats. The chafing dish with hushpuppies is only ¼ full. Panic sets in. This could be the worst night of my life. Catfish Hole with no puppies…

6:31 – We don’t sit down. We turn around and head to the buffet. Drinks? Who needs drinks?

6:32 – At the buffet with plate in hand, kitchen dude brings hot, fresh pan of hush puppies. This could be the best night of my life. I load up with coleslaw, boiled shrimp, chicken tenders, and of course an embarrassingly large pile of hushpuppies.

6:33 – I say to buddy, “Tell me when you get embarrassed by my pile of food.”  He, holding an equally impressive plateful, says, “No Shame in My Game.”  Awesome.

6:35 – Start embarrassing myself in front of complete strangers. It’s family style seating so we don’t know anyone. Later found out we were at Chuck Barrett’s guest table. Not sure if they were relatives or friends.  But they got to watch a gorging.  Now we need drinks.  Iced tea it is.

6:50 – A wave of applause starts up and we realize that Coach Petrino has entered the room. Knile Davis and Tyler Wilson are the players with him this week.  Jim Lindsey also comes in.

6:55 – Some scurrying by producers and the business owner. Kids congregating around Petrino and the players to get autographs.

6:59 – People start calling the Hogs. I can’t break away from my chicken strip to raise both hands. Fair weather Hog fan.

7:00 – Chuck Barrett starts the show with Coach Petrino. They talk about the Auburn loss and about the players’ reaction. Typical coach speak minus any personality as is Petrino’s M.O.

7:08 – First commercial break. We contemplate going back for seconds but do not do so until it’s almost time to come back from commercial.  The plan is in place to go at next break.

7:10 – Owner of Catfish Hole brings out a filet mignon and delivers it to Jim Lindsey. If you’ve never been to the Hole, they have the second best filet in all of Northwest Arkansas. Seriously it is incredible.  For a fleeting moment I was jealous of Mr. Lindsey.

7:12 – Twelve year old next to me is playing some video game on his iPhone. Yep. A twelve year old is paying a video game on a device that I can’t afford.

7:18 – Commercial break.  Buddy and I break for the buffet.  Bad news: No more shrimp. Good news: Plenty o’ hushpuppies left.

Tyler does not look this goofy anymore.

7:22 – Chuck interviews Tyler and Knile. Pretty standard material again. Davis is funny. Chuck asks him how he likes Fayetteville. Davis, “Well I’m pretty young. I just stay in the dorm and out of trouble.” He just turned 18 last week. Unreal.

7:23 – Also unreal? The size of my distended stomach. Hushpuppy #32 did it.

7:37 – Chuck finishes up with the players. Wilson talked about how disciplined practices and leaning in when Coach Petrino talks to Mallett one-on-one helps him get better despite less playing time. Wilson is huge – both physically and mentally. He clearly will turn more heads when the gig is his.

7:40 – Chuck lofts a few more softballs from fans both online and in the room. He’s clearly excising questions like, “How ‘bout those SEC refs?” and “How are the players preparing to take on Houston Nutt?” and “What do you expect out of Ole Miss?”  Oh and how about, “WILL RYAN MALLETT BE PLAYING ON SATURDAY?”  I get it. This is Petrino’s gig. I’m sure he and Chuck have an agreement on what can and cannot be asked but this is getting as old as the fish is getting cold.

Seriously. This kid just turned 18. Awesome.

7:45 – Petrino shows signs of life. On Davis: “He is young. He wanted come to school early. He said he didn’t care about prom. So he came up early and later we had to send him back to Texas for prom.” Big laugh.

7:47 – Finally a decent question: “What do you expect facing another running quarterback?” Petrino’s response get a moderate chuckle, “Well, he’s shorter.” Zing! 

7:50 – Buddy and I deduce that 200 people leaving at the same time will cause a traffic jam at a restaurant with only two exits.

7:55 – Last commercial break. Buddy and I leave out fire exit. (No alarm. It was unlocked.)

7:57 – Tune to ending on radio. Finally hear Chuck ask some pertinent questions about Ole Miss.

8:07 – Arrive home and put on pants that fit better around distension.

It was fun. Glad I did it but without an all-you-can-eat buffet, I’d have been less excited.


12 Responses to “A Blog Hawg View of Bobby Petrino Live”

  1. Adam Butler said

    That clinches it. You are now our BlogHawgs Bobby Petrino Live, Catfish Hole Correspondent.

    I guess my Tyler Wilson question hit the cutting room floor?

  2. BradinBenton said

    Speaking of great buffets, Denton’s Trotline here in Benton is terrific. Their chicken is phenomenal (sp?) and the hushpuppies are pretty dang good as well. I’m told the catfish is good, but as I don’t eat fish, I can’t speak to it’s quality.

  3. Bret with one T said

    “People love the Hole.”

    Yes they do. Oh, yes they do.

    I did notice there is no mention of you eating actual catfish?

    • Jeff said

      I grew up too close to the Mississippi to be able to willingly eat catfish. There is a reason they call it the Big Muddy. And since catfish are bottom feeders…

      I did eat one piece though just to say I had. I have a witness.

  4. pucknation said

    Outstanding blow-by-blow of the evening. I’m impressed with your writing skills. I just thought you were good at eating hushpuppies and nothing more. And for the record, I got my twenty dollars worth and then some. Let with a food baby. WPS!

    www lifelacedup blogspot com

    • Jeff said

      Oh I got $20 worth. To be honest, this was one of those nights when I go to bed and think, if I survive this night after what I just ate, I might just live forever.

      FYI, Pucknation is “buddy.” He made the reservation and invited me along. It really was a lot of fun. Thanks again.

      And his blog is a great read whether you are a runner or not:

  5. […] Blog Hawg had a mild panic attack when word surfaced that the Catfish Hole was burning down.  Loyal readers know that if this restaurant burned down, part of my soul would go with it. Amazingly, internet […]

  6. Barry Wixon said

    Bobby is nothing but a Football Whore. Willing to hop into bed with any team for the right price. He has not ethics and no morals. A true football player would be ashamed to play for this coward. What kind of man leaves his team in the middle of the year like he did to the Atlanta Falcons? He is no man and that is why he will always be known as The Whore of Football.

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