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Arkansas Auto Repair

Posted by Jeff on November 17, 2010

Duct tape, Bondo and a case of Busch fixes all.

Yes.  This photo is real.  I took it with my Blackberry tonight at 7:15 in the parking lot outside of a Chinese restaurant and a Wal-Mart in Fayetteville.  I did not doctor it.  No clue how to do that.  I still can’t embed videos here. 

I get on to Arkansans once in a while. Not as much as I used to but once in a while.  I’d love to say that in Iowa this wouldn’t happen but it would. It’d just be Busch Light not Busch Heavy.

Just felt the need to share.  Enjoy.


10 Responses to “Arkansas Auto Repair”

  1. Probably a sponsored driver in a local racing league.

  2. Jeff said

    Never thought of that! You can’t see it but I’m pretty sure he’s #24.

  3. JUJU said

    “He ran punts back for me Chuck!”

  4. JUJU said

    oops that was meant for the hillis post…Jeff that must have been the 6th street Wally World? Looks like Farmington material.

  5. Kris pimped his ride said

    Why ya’ll got to rail on my ride?

  6. Jeff said

    Normally I’d agree with you JUJU but this was at the Neighborhood market on the East Side!

    A what a what?

  7. JUJU said

    wow…must be the Goshenites rollin up!

  8. Bret with one T said

    As a native Arkansan (or Arkansawyer if you like) from Mississippi County, I don’t understand the humor in this. It appears to be a very practical solution to a very solvable problem. He had a need (rain in the window), he had the means to fix it (duck tape and printed cardboard). The bonus to all of this is he gets to advertise his loyalty to his beer of choice.

    I guess all of you from not-so-rural counties would allow the rain to go inside of your vehicle before you would shelter your backseat with the packaging of a quality, economically priced domestic beer. Oh the shame!

  9. Jeff said

    Based on the rusted dents below the Busch Series Window, I’m guessing this wasn’t a recent adjustment, BWOT.

  10. Is that a genuine bullet hole on the door or just a look-alike sticker?

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