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NCAA Denies Favoritism for Auburn, THE Ohio State University

Posted by Adam Butler on December 29, 2010

The NCAA is Talking Out of Its Ascot Again

and also urges the public to remain steadfast in its belief in The Tooth Fairy.

OK, so they didn’t say anything about the  Tooth Fairy but they might as well have.


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Happy Hogidays From The BlogHawgs

Posted by Adam Butler on December 26, 2010

A couple of feel-good vids featuring Arkansas Tight End (and Mackey Award Winner) D.J. Williams.

The Disney Spirit video was excellent and DJ and Knile have some skills with the sticks, too.

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ESPN’s Chris Low Ranks the SEC Coaching Job Performances in 2010

Posted by Adam Butler on December 22, 2010

He gives UA Head Coach Bobby Petrino high marks. SabanNation? Not so much.

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Cecil Newton’s Letter to Santa

Posted by Adam Butler on December 21, 2010

"My Dad Does A Lot of Talking With Santa Behind The Scenes That Goes Unnoticed

from’s Page 2.

The WDET response? It’s all Santa’s fault, and he’s going down.

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Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly Tops WDET Head Coach Gene Chizik

Posted by Adam Butler on December 21, 2010

for AP Coach of the Year honors.

I couldn’t think of a sarcastic joke about Chizik or WDET QB Cam Newton to be placed here. Sorry.

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“Socialist” Methodist Church Targeted by Tea Baggers

Posted by Adam Butler on December 21, 2010

I am going to guess this ends very badly for the Tea Baggers –as in what little shred of credibility they had left will soon be gone, if it isn’t, already.

On his blog, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips, has fired off a number of salvos aimed at the Methodist Church, the most incendiary being that, “”In short, if you hate America, you have a great future in the Methodist church.”

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UA Head Coach Bobby Petrino Hit the Airwaves, Yesterday

Posted by Adam Butler on December 21, 2010

on the Bo Mattingly Show.

Interestingly, he seemed to suggest that the old adage that “Defense Wins Championships” may not be as tried and true as football purists think.

That sounds a lot like the argument Matt and I made earlier this year regarding Auburn (when everyone wanted to crucify Arkansas Defensive Coordinator Willy Robinson in the wake of the Hogs’ loss to the WDET).

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Purdy: Darren McFadden the Player to Take Oakland to the Next Level

Posted by Adam Butler on December 20, 2010

Can someone please forward this to the Raider coaching staff so that maybe they will realize Michael Bush shouldn’t be getting almost equal time?

In McFadden, however, the Raiders can pencil in a top-shelf NFL rushing game for the next several seasons — assuming he can stay on the field. That’s always been the issue.

McFadden’s bad luck began as a Raiders rookie, when a miserable case of turf toe caused him to miss three games and be ineffective in the ones he did play. As a second-year player, he underwent surgery for a torn meniscus and missed four games. This year, a hamstring pull sidelined him for two starts in October.

“You can’t move without your foot,” McFadden noted, “and you can’t move without your knee. Those are two bad injuries for a running back to have. But I knew I had the skills to run the ball, no matter what other people said. As long as I was healthy, it was good.”

He’s feeling extremely good now, as the Denver Broncos will attest. McFadden rolled off runs of 19, 20 and 36 yards against them, making tacklers miss and bouncing off others. But his chief skill is still accelerating at warp speed through any open space. When his number is called, Raiders offensive linemen are instructed basically to engage the opposing linemen and hold them in place, creating any sort of in-between gap for McFadden.

“He’s so fast,” said guard Robert Gallery, “that when he gets in the open field, he’s gone. So you just get on somebody, give him a little crease, not make it look cloudy for him. He does the rest.”

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Let the Games Begin

Posted by Brett Kincaid on December 17, 2010

Bowl Season begins tomorrow with a trio of games, the first of 35 between now and January 10, 2011.  While the best of the games are still 2 weeks away, you can find compelling reasons to watch each of the bowls.  If nothing else you could enter the BlogHawgs Bowl Challenge.

New Mexico Bowl (Albuquerque, NM)


Why to watch:  It’s the first game of the bowl season.  And UTEP has cool uniforms.

Prediction:  UTEP 31, BYU 28


Humanitarian Bowl (Boise, ID)

Fresno St. v. Northern Illinois

Why to Watch:  You’ll probably need to make a wager to make this one interesting on any level unless you are an alum from one of these schools.

Prediction:  Fresno St. 34, N. Illinois 28


New Orleans Bowl (New Orleans, LA)

Ohio v. Troy

Why to Watch:  Ohio is the best team Ohio State beat this year.  Seriously.  I’m not kidding.

Prediction:  Troy 27, Ohio 20

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From the “Duh” Files

Posted by Brett Kincaid on December 17, 2010

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney says the conference may reconsider the recently announced division names.  The backlash against the “Legends” and “Leaders” divisions was swift and extremely harsh.  Well deserved, too, I might add.  Says Delaney:

“I think we have enough experience with names, and expansion and development of divisions, to know that you never, rarely, get 90 percent approval rating,” Delany said during the interview. “But to get a 90 percent non-approval rating was, you know, really surprising.”

I am still surprised that these folks who have a lot of experience in athletics and marketing – and the practice of combining the two – were so incredibly tone deaf on this.  Did they focus group these ideas?  Was anyone from outside the “inner circle” consulted on the names or the shockingly bad logo?  And how much money did they waste on these excruciatingly bad ideas?  These guys make the XFL look like a well organized machine.


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You Might Get a “Kick” Out of This

Posted by Adam Butler on December 17, 2010

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Last Chance

Posted by Brett Kincaid on December 17, 2010

Time is running out! Bowl games kick off tomorrow, so you better sign up today for the BlogHawgs Bowl Mania challenge.  It takes five minutes (or less) to knock out.  Pick your winners, rank them in order of confidence, and join the BlogHawg Nation group.  It’s that easy.

Don’t forget the special prize for this year’s winner:  A feature in a January edition of “At the BlogHawg Offices”.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

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Watching Fox News Makes You Dumb

Posted by Brett Kincaid on December 17, 2010

I rot your brain worse than MTV.

I have long held the belief that Fox News was really more of an opinion channel with little attention paid to actual news.  Turns out I was right.  So says a study by the University of Maryland.  This study compared how well viewers were informed of real, verifiable facts based on their viewing habits.  No news outlet had a perfect score, but the folks at Fox led the race to the bottom by a large margin.

Oh, and this is not a partisan thing either.  Self-described Democrats also lost brain cells by watching Fox.


The effect was also not simply a function of partisan bias, as people who voted Democratic and watched Fox News were also more likely to have such misinformation than those who did not watch it — though by a lesser margin than those who voted Republican,” said the study.

In short, “it has been statistically proven that you will be more misinformed if you watch Fox (News) than other networks,” said Ramsay.

You can read the entire study here if you don’t believe that liberal international paper from…Toronto.

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NWC Report for 12/17/10

Posted by Jeff on December 17, 2010

$80,000 for 5 days of bikers...

The last NWC Report for 2010.

Family in town next week.  And well… not much newsworthy up here.  Just lower impact ambulances and Centerton people being Centerton people…

Bike Blues & BBQ gave away their charitable donations this week: $80,000 to 21 local charities.  The head of the organization also announced his retirement from the position if anyone is interested…

Central EMS might not use lights and sirens to get to your broken ankle call anymore.

Ever watch Crash? It's things like a broken Christmas Tree that can set a town off!

Knowing they will not have the primary venue for the Walton Arts Center anymore, Fayetteville is looking to renegotiate their contract with the WAC Council.

The airport in Fayetteville is looking to resume commercial flights. Destination: Little Rock – direct.

Nothing in Centerton just happens.  There’s always a plot… against someone…

Merry Christmas BlogHawg Nation!

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Army Birther Going to Jail

Posted by Jeff on December 17, 2010

A few months ago I went off on Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin.  Lakin is an Army doctor who refused to deploy to Afghanistan because he believes that President Obama was not born in the United States and therefore is nto qualified to be his Commander in Chief.  Turns out he pleaded guilty to disobeying orders and was sentenced to six months in jail plus dismissal from the Army.

Lakin’s attorney said he was influenced by a civilian lawyer and asked for the mercy of the court.  Lakin was less than three years from reaching full pension retirement.  Barring overturn by appeal, Lakin’s “compassionate and patriotic but also naive” action is going to cost him his entire career.

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Comic Film Icon Blake Edwards Dies

Posted by Jeff on December 16, 2010

Edwards with wife, Julie Andrews (of Sound of Music fame)

Blake Edwards passed away yesterday. Edwards was best know for his collaboration with Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther movies (before Steve Martin came in and ruined them for a generation of people.) 

Edwards was a genious filmmaker.  If you have not seen them I want to recommend two of his films.  The first is Skin Deep starring John Ritter. Besides co-starring “Zapp” from American Gladiators, Skin Deep has one of the funniest scenes from 80’s comedies: a glow-in-the-dark “sword fight.”  The other is called, The Party.  This is another movie with Peter Sellers as a bumbling movie extra that accidentally gets invited to an upper crust party.  Sellers is spot-on hilarious.  Rent it.

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A Dash of Bowl Seasoning

Posted by Brett Kincaid on December 16, 2010

My main man Pat Forde dropped his annual Forde Yard Dash through the bowl season.  Unfortunately I had a similar idea for my own bowl rundown, so it’s back to the drawing board for me.  This seems like a perfect segue to…

Don’t forget to sign up for the 2nd Annual Bowl Mania challenge.  Take five minutes to pick your winners and rank them in order of your confidence level.  The winner gets a huge, huge prize: a feature in “At the BlogHawg Offices” in January.  This is a huge step up from last year, when we gave out an autographed photo of his eyebrows.  Games kick off this weekend, so time is running out!

Oh…and what does Forde think of our Hogs?

Moderately Useful Dash Fact: Neither team has lost since mid-October, although Arkansas has played the stiffer competition in that time. The Razorbacks’ defense has been successful at putting pressure on the passer, but that could be dangerous against an accomplished scrambler like Pryor. Whichever star quarterback plays best could well decide the outcome.

Dash Pick: Arkansas 23, Ohio State 20.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


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The BlogHawg Dictionary

Posted by Jeff on December 16, 2010

Dear BlogHawg Nation: We here at BlogHawgs tend to crack some inside jokes and use some cryptic terminology.  For months now we have promised to create a dictionary for those of you who did not drink beer and play poker go to college with us.  Well, here it is.

Thanks to all of you who contributed.   From the boys in LA to those of us up here on The Hill, we all contributed.  I hope I don’t Boise State myself but I am the BlogHawgs Dictionary Frontman. So if you see an error, don’t get all Shakeweight.  Just Maukavelli me.



The BlogHawgs Dictionary

180,000: The amount necessary to purchase something important.

AHF: Average Hog Fan

At the BlogHawgs Offices: Animated Series by part-time lawyer, full time blog contributor Kris Boyd. Boyd has a lot of free time. (See Kris (Fill In The Blank) below)

Bad Announcing Hall of Fame: A list of sports or news announcers that are either bad or just had a bad moment. Usually both.

Bama Fan: Bama Fans are slovenly mouth-breathers that never think they lose a game. They always have an excuse for losing, even if the score is 42-6 and they have a ratio of about 3.5:1 of claimed National Championships versus real.

BlogHawg Nation: You, the readers of our little blog.  See? You have your own entry in the dictionary.

Blythe-Vegas: Reference to the metropolis of Blytheville (pronounced “blah-ville) Arkansas.

Boise State: To say that someone or something is ‘Boise State’ is to say that they think they deserve respect for not doing that much. Although Brett gives them respect no matter what.

The Butler Did It: When Adam has something to say, he compiles it in this as-needed column. Adam will usually go off on something that angers him but sometimes he posts about his hope for Razorback dominance (and world peace.)

BWOT: Bret With One T, a frequent poster to BlogHawgs who for some reason is missing a T. The BWOT handle is to differentiate himself from BWTT, Brett With Two T’s, BlogHawg co-founder, Brett Kincaid.  Apparently this is fodder for spirited debate over which spelling is wrong. Some think that Brett’s name shows a gluttonous use of the letter, T.  (Yep. These are the things we argue about.)

College Football Baby Jesus: Former Florida quarterback and now Denver Broncos first round benchwarmer, Tim Tebow.

COY: Comment of the year (used only to save us lots of typing when suggesting nominees for the award)

Euless Trinity: The Texas football team that annihilated Shiloh Christian on national TV in August, 2010. To get the Euless Trinity treatment is to think you’re big and bad OR to be called “the best” at something and then to be shown otherwise.

Foul Pole: Our loving nickname for BH regular, JUJU.  What can we say?  He looks like one and he has the same range of motion and vertical ability.

Fourth Meal: Yes, the same one you’ve heard of.  For some reason when the BlogHawgs have their semi-annual executive session it always ends at Taco Bell.  There’s no explaining it but Adam is usually the instigator.

Frontman: Any person who takes the lead in any event. Usually a spokesperson.  For example, Vince Neil is the Motley Crue frontman.

The Hill: 1) The campus of the University of Arkansas, as it is situated on an actual hill with Old Main on top
2) The city of Fayetteville, as you have to go “up” 540 or 412 to get there from any other part of the state.
3) A quick reference to DWR Razorback stadium:

A Hypocrite’s Hypocrite: Former USCW Head Coach, Pete Carroll. His only redeeming quality is third-stringing Mitch Mustain after he transferred from Arkansas.

The Idiot Box: A (usually) weekly column by Jeff about TV.  When it does not appear, you may assume it is because Jeff is too busy watching TV.

It Is What It Is: A useless waste of e-ink and/or speech that bloggers, athletes, and just about everyone else use when they cannot think of a creative or more descriptive way to say something. Particularly despised by Jeff so thereby commonly used by Brett and Adam.

Jim Gooch: Gooch is a frequent commenter and sometimes contributor to BlogHawgs that makes Brett and Adam look like Rush Limbaugh. If that’s possible.  He is also the only regular who has been censored by Adam.  He wears that like a badge of honor. Unlike the rest of us, Gooch seems to need to work more than contribute. We miss him dearly.

John Boozman: The newly-elected U.S. Senator from Arkansas who PLAYED FOR THE ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS.  Did you know that?

Kris (Fill In The Blank) or, The Changing Names of Kris:  Kris Boyd, an LA (not Lowell, see below) attorney with three kids but still a whole lot of free time.  We think he is a lawyer.  His link is on the BH page but…  let’s just say he seems to have time to make At The BlogHawg Office videos and change his name on here. A lot.

LA: Lowell Arkansas or Lower Arkansas (south of Little Rock) depending on context. Examples:  “I got pulled over in LA!” – Lowell.  “I have another stupid meeting in LA.” – Lower.

Maukavelli: Another frequent commenter to BH. To get Maukavellied means get ready to be corrected.

Memphis Wrestling (also Mid-South Wrestling): Referring to the Saturday-morning broadcast of wrestling on Memphis’ Channel 5 in the early to mid-1980’s. Hosted by weatherman Dave Brown and Lance “Banana Nose” Russell, it was the premier form of wrestling entertainment, the likes of which have never been seen before or since. In the BlogHawg vernacular, references to Jerry “the King” Lawler, “Dirty” Dutch Mantell, The Fabulous Ones, Superstar Bill Dundee and The Rock ‘n Roll Express are all made in respect to this brand of wrestling.
Example: “I once saw Superstar Bill Dundee at Dodge’s Store in P-Town. He bought a Dodger Dog and a nudie mag. It was the best day of my life.”

Methinks or Milady: Old English verbiage used by bloggers and other internet users in an effort to seem creative while posting a rather tepid or obvious thought.  Seriously, if it’s commonly used by either Michael or Dwight on TV’s The Office, they are making fun of it and it should not be used in any way that your name is associated.

The Mississippi Coach: Houston Dale Nutt, former coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. The BlogHawgs intentionally refuse to call him by his name so that there is ultimately less said about him.  Or maybe they think he is like Beetlejuice.  If you say his name three times, he’ll reappear and destroy the Hog quarterback.

Mississippi Rebel Land Shark & Mississippi Rebel Black Bear: The BlogHawg Nation had a grand old time trying to “help” Ole Miss decide on a new mascot.  Yet another thread that was inspired more by interest in hammering The Mississippi Coach (see above) than by actual events.

NWC Report: The Northwest Corridor Report. A weekly summation of news and other items of note from up on The Hill posted on Fridays. If nothing else it gives the LA folks a reason to talk smack about things they covet such as the Streets of Gold and lack of violent crime and such.

P-Town: Reference to Paragould, Arkansas, Adam’s hometown. Also known as, Methagould.

Paragould Bathtub Meth: Not your garden-variety Northeast Arkansas meth with ingredients like muriatic acid (an acid that is commonly used for cleaning bricks and pavement, and not much else other than making meth). P-Town bathtub meth–aka–“Ice” or “Funk” or “The Sh*t” has stuff in it that is REALLY bad for you.

Patently Absurd: How Brett feels about most things he hears on Fox News.

People with Too Many Cats Who Watch Fox News All Day: Brett’s off-the-cuff way to describe… well… people who have too many cats and watch Fox News all day and believe it all to be true.

Random Act of Unkindness: Adam’s a bitter guy. He’ll be the first to tell you. Now that he has some free time, he seems to be interested in paying it forward. My advice to all of you is to not show team spirit for any other SEC school.  Especially if you’re waiting for Adam’s parking space.

Remembering HawgBall Series: Adam’s series of posts and videos pining away for the days of 40 minutes of hell and well… success on the hard court.

The Rock: Referring to either War Memorial Stadium or the city of Little Rock.

Shakeweight: The incredibly awkward looking workout tool whose commercials have inexplicably made it past television censors for a year now. To go “shakeweight” is to… well… to get really, REALLY, REALLY excited about something. For eample: “ESPN is going shakeweight on Tebow.”  We can’t do it justice here.  Watch this clip:

That Running Back That Likes Body Mass Index Challenged Girls: Michael Dyer, an Arkansas native that followed That Shiloh Coach to Auburn. He was videotaped enjoying some nightlife with some “weighty” girls.

That Shiloh Coach: Gus Malzahn, former head football coach at Shiloh Christian University High School and Springdale High School. He is now the O.C. at Auburn.

Streets of Gold: According to non-NWA residents, where the truly blessed residents of Northwest Arkansas drive their expensive cars.

The Two Affliction Rule: Adam’s awesome belief that no human can ever have more than one incurable disease.  This was his excuse for smoking in college (he has Cerebral Palsy) and Jeff’s for eating lots of fatty foods (he has Multiple Sclerosis.) Brett has not earned the privilege of taking advantage of the Two Affliction Rule.  And Adam and Jeff hope he never does.

Urb: Former, Current, Former Florida Head Football Coach, Urban Meyer.  TebowSpeed, Urb.

Vintage Razorback Gear: Any item of Razorback clothing or paraphernalia owned by Adam Butler regardless of when it was purchased. This includes the Razorback loafers he bought at Wal-Mart before the Alabama game which created new holes in his skin. They are Vintage.

The Wamper: Former Conway Wampus Cat, Arkansas Razorback and current Cleveland Brown, Peyton Hillis. Adam gave him this nickname because he’s a Wampus Cat and because he “whomps” people in the NFL.

War Damn Eagle Tigers: See WDET below.

WDET: War Damn Eagle Tigers.  Never has the disdain for Auburn been greater than since That Shiloh Coach moved there and he ran That Shiloh Running Back That Likes Body Mass Index Challenged Girls at the end of the game to score an unnecessary TD even though he was injured.

Weekly College Football Pick ’em: Adam and Brett’s weekly attempt to get all “Jimmy the Greek” on the BH Nation.  Adam and Brett do not allow Jeff to contribute because he knows nothing about college football and they are afraid he will out-pick them.

Wrands: Similar to cankles, only they are wrists that are indistinguishable from the hands. See:

Zinger! or Zing!: A comment that takes a slap at another person or organization. Old school Internet folks call it a Flame.

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They’ve Finally Done It

Posted by Brett Kincaid on December 15, 2010

Congress finally made my head explode.  No, it’s not the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell debate (It’s 2010; does anyone really think there are not gays/lesbians in the armed services?)  No, it’s not the tedious tax debate that gives enormous tax relief to really, really, really rich folks forcing us to borrow more money from China.  No, it’s not the ridiculously partisan rhetoric coming from both sides.

It’s this.  Running out of things to day, the U.S. House decided today would be a great day to honor Scam Newton.


H RES 1761 2/3 YEA-AND-NAY      15-Dec-2010      3:08 PM
QUESTION: On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Agree
BILL TITLE: Congratulating Auburn University quarterback and College Park, Georgia, native Cameron Newton on winning the 2010 Heisman Trophy for being the most outstanding college football player in the United States

Of course it passed easily, 378-15 with 18 “Present” votes and 22 abstentions.

I urge you all to write the 15 Nays and thank them for their service to this country.  And this is as bipartisan as it gets.  Eight Republican lawmakers and 7 Democrats voted against the measure.

Arkansas’s Congressmen Boozman, Snyder, and Ross all voted for it.  Congressman Berry at least had the good sense to abstain.

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At the BlogHawgs Office V

Posted by Adam Butler on December 15, 2010

Special to BlogHawgs from Kris Boyd

I was going to take issue with this until I saw how many people HAVEN’T signed up for BlogHawgs Bowl Mania. Is it better to “Blog in the Dark” or “Make inside-joke-filled cartoons in the Dark”? That is the question.

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