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Annnnnnnnnnd We’re Back

Posted by Brett Kincaid on January 3, 2011

Did you miss us?

Welcome to 2011, folks.  We all hope you had a great holiday break and are ready to attack the new year.  The Hogs hope to attack 2011 with a vengeance by completing the Big Ten sweep by SEC teams this bowl season.  With about 36 hours to go before kickoff, the entire state is buzzing.

If you believe all those OSU players suspended for the first 5 games in the 2011 regular season – but playing tomorrow night – plan on coming back, there is a good chance you bought a bunch of subprime mortgage backed securities in 2007.  That’s a nerdy way of saying you are dumb.

Chris Low does not expect the Hogs to shy away from the big stage, and neither should you.


3 Responses to “Annnnnnnnnnd We’re Back”

  1. Bret with one T said

    First comment of 2011. Whooooo!!! Eat it!

  2. Lynn said

    I am disappointed that there is not an on-the-scene Bloghawg correspondent post yet…

    • Adam Butler said

      I’ve got lots of notes and 9 months to discuss. I guess the optimal word is sad.

      I’m sad. Razorback Nation rang the bell and wasn’t rewarded. I’m proud of the Hogs for their fight though.

      Coach Petrino is clearly building a monster.

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