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It Is Done. They Won But We’re In Good Shape.

Posted by Jeff on January 5, 2011

The Coach of the Next Generation of Hogs

I don’t usually post about Razorbacks/Sports in general but since BK is out of town and Adam is getting groped by a TSA agent in NOLA, I feel I must. 

It’s 11:00 a.m. and I am still rubbing my eyes from a lack of sleep.  No one in my office is productive today.   The game ended at 11:30 or so but the way that it ended made everyone hyper and for me at least, sleep was hours away.  I had lost my desire to yell anymore because no matter how many times I screamed “CATCH THE BALL” it didn’t seem to translate through the HDTV to the Superdome.  I only woke up Josiah once but he forgave me.  It was at least 2 AM before I slept.

I read Adam’s Facebook status this morning and while he has been profound before, I really felt this one:  “I need a new curse word for how I feel right now.”   I think most AHF’s feel about the same.  I went in thinking that the game was winnable.  Adam posted a Butler Did It several months ago about how Petrino has made both players and fans believe that they are worthy and that the BCS is just a pedestrian goal.  I’m paraphrasing but basically, Petrino wants Arkansas to be the next Ohio State when it comes to being a BCS caliber team.  After the loss, I still believe that.  I would not be at all surprised if we are in a BCS game again next year.   

And after last night, that’s a pretty damn good feeling to have.

Your thoughts, BH Nation?

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