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NWC Report for 1/7/11

Posted by Jeff on January 7, 2011

Apart from Mallett, Tyson, and the tornado, fairly slow week up here…

Don Tyson passed away early Thursday morning.

The founder of Tyson Foods, Don Tyson passed away yesterday morning.

The relief for tornado victims in the small, western Washington County town of Cincinnati continues. But apparently organization is a problem.

A fourth victim of the New Year’s Eve twister died on Tuesday. Ironically, she was born on a day when tornadoes hit in Paducah, Texas.

Just a sample of the tornado damage in Cincinnatti. This was the volunteer fire station.

The Benton County Reverse 911 Warning System did not work on Friday. Many county residents were concerned so the county is going to test the system today at 1:00 p.m.  Testing an emergency reverse 911 where 94,000 landlines will get a phone call?  No, nothing bad will come from that.

The storm also did some damage to downtown Fayetteville.  The building on the northwest corner of the square lost several pieces of facade.

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