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A Must Read on UA Head Basketball Coach John Pelphrey

Posted by Adam Butler on January 12, 2011

and his friends and colleagues, Florida Head Coach Billy Donovan and Alabama Head Coach Anthony Grant.

Don’t read this, though, unless you want a large dose of perspective, and probably a tear or two (dozen).

Many of our readers who know me are aware that my wife and I are in this club, I share this info and this article because I know that some of you are in the club, too, and understand the pain that membership brings.

It should be no surprise that the main difference in how I handled it was that I was much more bitter than Pel and Company. I wish I had the kind of positive spin they did. 

I just can’t convince myself of some things But, I do think that I’ll become one of Pel’s Pals. It’s a wonderful cause. And, while I’m at it, I also think I’ll go home today and give Will B. about 300 hugs.

“It’s an unfortunate club to belong to, the club for parents who have lost a child,” Horst Ferrero
said. “Only those who have gone through that experience can really understand how shocking it
can be. Maybe that’s one of the reasons he became so passionately involved.”


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Les Gets More From LSU

Posted by Adam Butler on January 12, 2011

This is shocking.

A day after maybe, kinda, sorta spurning his alma mater, Michigan, The Mad Hatter, LSU Head Coach Les Miles, who, given his well-chronicled struggles, already had one of the best deals in college football, squeezed out more dollars than the number of commas in this sentence.

That’s not what shocks me, though. I am shocked that he can count from (20)11 to (20)17.

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Not Dead

Posted by Brett Kincaid on January 12, 2011

Dear Readers,

No, we are not dead.  New years bring new challenges, mostly work related.  AB and I are both in the basement right now.  Jeff is dealing with the future minds of America, so you can only imagine how depressing that must be.

Let us get through the next couple of days, and we’ll be back hard at providing quality entertainment to the tens of readers of this blog.


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