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I Could be Convinced The Star Spangled Banner Should Always Be Sung (and Cheered)

Posted by Adam Butler on January 17, 2011

like this:

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Today’s Hate Remniscent of a Time That Should Have Been Left Behind

Posted by Adam Butler on January 17, 2011

This is  a timely piece on MLK Day on

The hate unfortunately seems to be pretty pervasive right now. I can’t decide if it’s racial or political or both. I was appalled last week when several Razorback fans on a message board I am on were publicly bemoaning the fact that one of the worst Razorback games in a long line of stinkers the last decade was briefly preempted on KATV in Little Rock by President Obama’s speech at a Memorial Service in Tuscon.

The haters called the speech, among other things, “political manipulation” as if President Obama wouldn’t have been ripped by those same people had he decided against such a speech.

Stated another way, even I didn’t whine about President George W. Bush’s speeches in the wake of tragedies that occured during his presidency.

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