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Jon Williams On The Move

Posted by Jeff on January 20, 2011

Bye Bye Eagle... Hellooooo...... ??

For those of you in Northwest Arkansas, you might have noticed that Jon Williams, a longtime fixture on the radio in Fayetteville was not on the air to read the school closings this morning. 

For 18 years, Jon has been people’s in-car buddy for the commute to work. Jon started on Q-102 when he first moved to Fayetteville to attend the U of A but shortly left that station for KKEG, a heritage rock and roll station.  It was there that Jon made his name in radio.  He started by himself with producer, Bill Nevin and newscaster, Zach Arns.  Nevin left and Zach took a greater role and the show morphed into the Jon and Zach Show.  Ratings continued to grow and in 1997, J&Z left KKEG and started on 93.3 the Eagle.  Again ratings climbed and while Jon’s partners on-air changed (Jennifer Colonna, Derek “Deek” Kastner) and they even experimented with a Top-40 station (Hot Mix 101.9), Jon stayed at or near the top for 13 years with Clear Channel Radio of Northwest Arkansas.

On Wednesday though, Jon put in his two-weeks notice.  As per radio tradition, that means you are off-air.  Radio station managers tend to dislike the thought that they might be paying a DJ to broadcast what they will be doing next and where.  It makes sense but creates a lot of confusion for listeners.

Jon’s future will be on air in Arkansas.  The details are still being ironed out but one hint that perceptive radiophiles should pick up on is that another rock station jock is also no longer on air.  (Think about it.)

I will post more details as they become available.  Jon has always been a close friend of ours here at Blog Hawgs and we wish him the very best in this exciting new venture.


30 Responses to “Jon Williams On The Move”

  1. AB said

    Stay tuned. This is gonna be a big deal. BlogHawgs Nation will be excited, too. I think.

  2. Jeff said

    Yes they will.

  3. JUJU said

    I’m not a terrestrial (sp?) radio listener anymore…so who’s the other rock jock?

  4. JUJU said

    Deekers? they already had a show and like the fat boys they broke up righto?

    • Adam Butler said

      I can neither confirm nor deny. But, I think we’ll be happy. For multiple reasons–if my guess is correct.

    • Jeff said

      I don’t think that Deek getting let go due to budget concerns is the same as “they broke up.”

  5. JUJU said

    Lord knows we need a decent sports talk show in NWA…I think Tim from LR, Mike from Stuttgart, and Hank in Prairie Grove should team together and start one.

  6. Maukavelli said

    BlogHawgs is getting a radio show? A whole station?!? You guys must be friggin’ loaded! Did Cecil Newton do the negotiating or Walt Williams do the promotion?

    • AB said

      Let’s not jump to conclusions. Bloghawgs isn’t getting a sports talk show–those are reserved for bloggers with dozens of readers.

    • Are the call letters AWSM available?

      • Maukavelli said

        I’ll bite. Either I’m dense or clueless (probably a lot of both), but I have no guess what this stands for.

      • My humor is just too far below your intelligence. AWeSoMe.

      • Maukavelli said

        Actually, Mike, it’s not below me at all. Why? Because when I first read your response, I read it as “A We So Me” (sound it out) and couldn’t figure it out what that was supposed to mean. It took several minutes for this to register. See, I’m both dense AND clueless.

    • Pinnacle Kris Sports said

      Speaking of Walt Williams… after the Greene County Tech Board meeting next Thursday, you won’t see GCT on any of his crap anymore.

      • Maukavelli said

        Is Pinnacle Kris Sports making an appearance demanding they retract their involvement?

      • Pinnacle Kris Sports said

        Let’s just say don’t be surprised when you see a website with GCT Head Coach Jef Conaway spouting the positives of

        Oh, and did I mention Pinnacle Kris Sports is sponsering a “Party With The Blog Hawgers” event? You can party with Adam, Brett and Jeff. The rumor is that Bret With One T is going to make an appearance at the afterparty. Cover is $.25 per person. VIP is $.75 per person or $1.00 per couple. That includes autographs from Papa J and Blake. JUJU will be your personal bartender with music from Blair.

      • Maukavelli said

        I demand a “At the BlogHawgs Office” on this party.

      • Jeff said


      • Pinnacle Kris Sports said

        Great job blog post spell check police.

  7. Jeff said


    Jon says there will be a press conference on Friday morning to announce his new venture.

    Adam, I need Press Credentials. Please send post-haste.

    • Jeff, you may need to update the BlogHawgs Dictionary with “post-haste.” I’m pretty sure the closest word that AHF knows to process when seeing this is “toothpaste.”

    • Adam Butler said

      I’m efforting.

      • Jeff said


        “Effort” is a NOUN!

        They do this to me on purpose you know? Next will be another “It is what it is” or “At the end of the day” or “Sponsered by Post-Haste Tooth Paste.”

        It’s tough to be a gramamar/language nerd.
        I need another snow day.

        • Adam Butler said

          It’s a sports-radio reference, Grammarian-in-Chief. If memory serves, it was used in such a way as to mock those who used the word “efforting” in the same way.

          I do not recall who originated it–it’s either Phil The Show Killer, Mr. Tony or Jim Rome. BK would know.

  8. […] plan a press conference for today 11:00 a.m. at the Pinnacle Hills Promenade.  As mentioned here earlier this week, they are expected to announce a new morning radio show.  I’ll be there and I will ask the best […]

  9. S. Winchester said

    Where are Jon and Deek? They have been off the air for the last week or so.

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