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Archive for January 25th, 2011

Remembering Hawg Ball: A Poll Question Regarding Nolan Richardson

Posted by Adam Butler on January 25, 2011

This one’s simple. It’ll never happen, but if you could take Nolan Richardson back TODAY as UA Head Coach, and he would come, would you do it? Respond in the comments section. Oh,and remember these days (SEE BELOW)? Funny thing is those were the “lean” years.


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BREAKING NEWS: BlogHawgs Credited With Coining New Nickname

Posted by Adam Butler on January 25, 2011

for Arkansas commit Kane Whitehurst. The nickname? Kane White Burst.

(To be fair, BlogHawgs has not been credited–I have–but I am ceding that credit to BlogHawgs Nation)

The nickname is sweeping Razorback Nation and has been mentioned on statewide radio. Is this what it feels like to be famous?

Why is the nickname apropos?

Watch the video below and note that all these highlights came from this season, in the second highest classification in Georgia. White Burst reportedly played his sophomore and junior seasons on poor teams, and, after transferring to a different school to showcase his skills, was injured prior to this season and was unable to participate in summer camps (where prospects usually earn their scholarship offers) Therefore, he doesn’t have a ton of offers and is the proverbial “diamond in the rough”.

All he did his senior season is score touchdowns–inclusing FOUR kickoff returns for TDs.

He looks like a baller to me. More importantly, he looks like a baller to UA HC Bobby Petrino, who has a “decent” eye for football talent. The big question is “How did Iowa miss out on one of the fastest white kids in America?”

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