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The Idiot Box – Emmy Preview

Posted by Jeff on September 14, 2011

It is almost Christmas time for TV Junkies…  Emmy Awards and Fall Premieres.  This week I am going to break down the Emmys.  Next week my annual column about what I am looking forward to in the fall.  Here we go!
Not a lot of surprises in the nominations this year.  Conan got one in its first year on TBS.  Conan is good but not as good as when he was on at 11:35 (CDT).  I think the Emmy voters just wanted Jay Leno to see who they really support.  (Like it was some secret.  Jay knows he’s hated.  He dries his eyes with the $100 bills he rakes up.)

An Emmy to top off a long, brilliant career?

Betty White got a Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy nod for TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland.  This is just a tip of the hat to White.  Her show’s jokes are as old as she is.  What a waste of talent.  This is a cast of very talented female comediennes.  HIC was as much a vehicle for the Snickers-Commercial-hot White as anything.  Jane Leeves (Frasier) and Wendie Malick (Dream On! And Just Shoot Me) have been so much funnier on TV.  Kristen Wiig got a surprising nomination here as well for SNL.  Most Saturday Night Live Actors are ignored by the Emmys.

Modern Family will dominate again this year. Seventeen nominations went out to the ABC sitcom – four of which are in the same category. Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O’Neill and Eric Stonestreet (who won this last year) are all nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen were also nominated in the Actress category. The fact that every actor and actress other than the kids was nominated ought to wrap up why Modern Family is the best comedy on television. The question is not if they win but who will win.

Lots of trophies going home with the cast of Modern Family.

I’ve never hidden my delight in the fact that SNL is having a great decade.  As I mentioned above, Kristen Wiig is nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy.  On top of that, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Timberlake were both nominated for their guest roles as host.  Timberlake relishes his time on SNL.  He truly is amazing on the show.  I foresee him giving Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin runs for their money as long-serving hosts.  Wiig is by far the funniest cast member to come along since Will Ferrell.  Every character she creates (except the detestable Gilly) is unique and hilarious.  I would love to see her win an Emmy.  I’d also like to see SNL win but it won’t.  My money is on Jon Stewart but I’d be thrilled if Late Night with Jimmy Fallon won.  If you haven’t seen this show, you need to.  Fallon works.  He is getting better and better and Executive Producer Lorne Michaels has surrounded him with talent and genius writing.  Hit Hulu or YouTube to see either of his rapping sketches with Justin Timberlake or any of his Thank You Note bits.  Funny.

I am once again getting weary of most reality shows.  I watched Top Chef again this year but I am afraid it didn’t have the zing to win the Emmy again.  It was nice to see Richard Blais win though.  I just can’t get into drama right now.  Last year I shared my desire to start watching The Good Wife but I just didn’t.  The only drama I watch now is In Plain Sight on USA.  No nominations for them so…  I guess I’ll just be happy if some of my favorite actors win.

Well Adam and Brett have their Free Money.  Here’s mine.  Good luck in Vegas.

(I am only posting the biggies)

Outstanding Drama Series
Should Win: Boardwalk Empire
Will win: Mad Men

(BK loves Boardwalk.  That’s why I put them here.)

Outstanding Comedy Series
Should Win: Modern Family

Will win: Modern Family
(See above.)

Outstanding Actress in a Drama
Should Win: Kathy Bates, Harry’s Law
Will Win: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
(Bates is good but she’s becoming pretty predictable.)

Outstanding Actor in a Drama
Should Win: Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire
Will win:  John Hamm, Mad Men
(I don’t think Emmy voters watch dramas anymore either.)

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy
Should Win:  Melissa McCarthy, Mike & Molly
Will Win:  Tina Fey, 30 Rock
(Fey must send $100 bills in her Christmas Cards.)

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy
Should Win:   Sofia Vergara, Modern Family or Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live
Will Win: Betty White, Hot In Cleveland
(White will be honored for decades of hilarity.)

Outstanding Actor in a Comedy
Should Win: Steve Carrell, The Office
Will win: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

(Parsons was consistently funnier but Carrell has been nominated 6 times and never won.  That’s a travesty that the Emmys will fix.)

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy
Should Win:  Ed O’Neill, Modern Family  or  Ty Burrell, Modern Family
Will Win:  Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family
(With too many choices from one show, lazy voters will go with last year’s winner.  O’Neill has never won an Emmy or a Golden Globe as an individual actor.)

Outstanding Variety, Comedy Or Musical Series
Should Win:  Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  or  Saturday Night Live

Will Win:  The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

(Did you know that SNL has the most Emmy Nominations (142) ever?  ER is second with 124.)

Outstanding Reality Show
Should Win: Top Chef

Will win:  The Amazing Race
(See above)

Want to play TV Scene It? I'll win.


18 Responses to “The Idiot Box – Emmy Preview”

  1. I hadn’t considered Jeff’s notion of the poor drama’s on television, but I tend to agree with him upon further review. At our house, we have spent much more time watching old shows (Friday Night Lights, Big Love) than anything currently on television. The only 60+ minute shows that get the DVR treatment at our house are The Biggest Loser & Top Chef (any version). Meanwhile, we watch a ton of sitcoms now – a hug shift. I love Modern Family, but I think Parks & Recreation may be a better overall show. Not sure. It’s like deciding which kid you love most. (Of course, for all BlogHawgs, that’s easy because we each have only 1 child.)

    I’m looking forward to next week already. This TV season doesn’t look too inspiring across the board. Hopefully Jeff can get me excited about one or two new shows.

  2. Adam Butler said

    I just can’t stand Fallon. Maybe it’s because Bill Simmons dogs him so much. I’ll give it a 2nd look.

    Did “Louie” get any nominations? I can’t say it’s the best show on TV because I haven’t seen half of them, much less all of them, but it’s the best show I have seen in years. It makes me laugh, and think, every show–without fail.

    Likewise, an argument can be made that “Curb” is better than Seinfeld. Some of the places he goes (this season’s finale was a doubleheader) that no one else goes are unbelievable but awkwardly brilliant.

    I’m going to ignore your admission that you watch “In Plain Sight”. Let’s pretend that never happened.

  3. Jeff said

    I’ve heard Louie is good. Unfortunately I have never heard when it is on.

    Curb tires me. It’s pretty much the same formula every week.

    Speaking of tired. You still read Bill Simmons? No gracias. The only thing worse than reading him is watching him when he fills in on PTI. Ugh.
    I’ll admit Fallon got pretty old on SNL towards the end. I’ll also admit that I did nto thik this show woudl last. BUT… now that I catch it once in a while… it works. I’d be hard pressed to name someone that works harder than Fallon to make me laugh. His sketches are usually gold.

    • Adam Butler said

      “Louie” is on Thursday nights on FX at 9:30 a.m. but they air it a lot. DVR it. If you like it, and my guess is you will, you’ll watch them all.

      You don’t have to worry about a formula with that show (other than brutal honesty). They don’t even worry about plot line continuity very much.

      For example, the show before last, Louie’s niece was staying with him because his sister lost it.

      The next week (season finale) she was nowhere to be found.

      Strangely, it doesn’t matter. The show is brilliant. It’s frustrating that I continually tout it and no one finds it.

      • Brain said

        Did not know about this show. I am excited to hear Louie Anderson is back on tv. He was one funny mofo hosting Family Fued.

        • Adam Butler said

          Louie Anderson is to Louis CK as Albert Brooks is to Albert Pujols.

        • Lynn said

          Do you have any stats on laughs per minute that compare him to Richard Dawson, Steve Harvey, and the guy that offer himself?

          • Lynn said

            Offer = off’d
            Damn autocorrect

          • Adam Butler said

            Haven’t all of those guys all either offed themselves or wanted to, except for Harvey?

            How many of 100 people surveyed said that is a depressing game show?

            Interestingly, Louie Anderson could end up on “Louie”. Because he’s a comedien’s comedian they have a lot of cameo’s from Comedians on the show.

            Chris Rock, and Ricky Gervais have been on, recently along with lots of others.

  4. Jim Gooch said

    I’m with you on Boardwalk, Jeff. Best drama on television. Also with you on Modern Family as being a consistently great and hilarious show. I’m like Adam though, particularly partial to the offbeat work of Louis CK and Larry David. One of those two, Louis and Curb, will get my vote every year for best sitcom (though they likely won’t always be nominated). I will say that this season of Curb was relatively weak for Curb standards (though Sunday’s finale was classic). And Adam’s right, who else would have the balls to tackle gay children and Parkinson’s in the same episode? Next for me comes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – a show that you will either love or hate. It’s been a constant friend to me for almost a decade and I will miss it dearly when it ends. Jeff, also check out HBO’s Bored to Death and Parks and Recreation.

    • Jeff said

      Too cheap for HBO.

      My problem with Parks is that I really never liked Amy Pohler on SNL. So I haven’t given it a chance.

      I’ll find Louie.

      • I echo Gooch’s call for P&R (also noted above). Pohler’s character is clearly the primary one of the series, but it’s a strong ensemble cast. Ron Swanson is one of the best TV characters I’ve seen in a long, long time. I have his Pyramid of Greatness on my door at the office.

      • Adam Butler said

        So, *I* am a dinosaur for continuing to read Simmons, but BlogHawgs Chief TV & Movie Correspondent has never seen Louie, is tired of Curb (2 of the best comedy shows of our generation) and doesn’t have HBO.

        Isn’t that like a Red Sox beat writer living and attending games in Pawtucket?

    • Adam Butler said

      That would cause Jeff to have to dip into his Arsaga’s money for the $5/mo. for HBO. Not gonna happen.

      • Jeff said

        I have the Sports and News Tier. Isn’t that good enough? I get all the ESPNs, Cox Sports, and the Big Ten network. (Lots of Real Rasslin’!)

        Since when is HBO only $5 per month?

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