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BlogHawgs Week 3 College Football Preview–Twitter Style

Posted by Adam Butler on September 15, 2011

It’s Thursday afternoon, so that means it’s time to devote our full attention to this weekend’s college football slate (NOTE: Bama Week starts Saturday night at about 10 PM, so we will begin devoting our full attention to Bama at 10:31 p.m.).

And, per the usual, there are plenty of interesting games (READ:  I am obsessed.). Unfortunately, though, in reality it’s just a “so-so” week of games, leading me to try something new this week. Rather than picking 4-5 big games and breaking them down, I thought I would list several, and comment on them in 140 characters or less, Twitter style, using obnoxious, fake (but probably already taken) Twitter user names.

But, since I don’t even have a Twitter account, and I am only vaguely familiar with hash tags (#stubbornlystuckinthedarkages) it will undoubtedly be an adventure. Nonetheless, here goes:

LSU at Mississippi St. @morecowbell: MSU wins unless Mullen again channels his inner The Mississippi Coach, again. #2.65milpershouldincludeclockmanagement

Ohio St. at Miami: @ncaacheats: THE Willful Ignorance Bowl–The Tatts beat The Rats. #bowlban

Mississippi at Vandy: @excusesrlikeHDN: It’s hard work getting one of these, ya’ll!!! Seriously! #winsoverVandy

Michigan St. at Notre Dame: @coachescardio: A battle between a coach who had a heart attack last year after this game and another who is on pace for one after this year’s game. #BayerAspirin

Auburn @ Clemson: @h8troopertaylor: Maybe deals with the devil don’t expire after all. #charmed9lives

Tennessee @ Florida: @wishitwas1998: How did Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey each  get 7 years of eligibility? #leavealready

Navy @ USCE: @dontsleeponnavy: 22 Men go out on the field, 11……points is a good tease. #notgoingthere

OU @ FSU: @snapntoslmjimbo: Winner gets an SEC invitation. #ifyourescaredbuyadog (Tm DP Show)

Troy @ Arkansas: @isitBamawkyet?: No cupcake, but expect a cover. #welcomebackDJ


Thanks for reading.


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