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War(y) Damn Eagle–Lovers

Posted by Adam Butler on September 15, 2011

Strangely, this sign is neither an official nor unofficial live mascot of the Auburn Tigers

As we relayed Monday, “Spirit” the Eagle, Auburn’s flying mascot (despite the fact they’re the Tigers), had a little run in with a window at Jordan-Hare Stadium last Saturday. Now, on cue, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is squawking.

Chuck, BlogHawgs Stat Front Man, Brain, called that PETA letter, and it was a good call, brutha.

UPDATE: Sources indicate the cost of construction of an eagle sanctuary would require several $180,000 dollar donations.


2 Responses to “War(y) Damn Eagle–Lovers”

  1. The minimum size of the sanctuary is 180,000 square feet.

  2. K.E.T.B. (Kris for the Ethical Treatment of Butass) said

    “Animals aren’t performers or party decorations, and they don’t deserve to be frightened, hurt or even killed just so we can have a momentary thrill.”

    I beg to differ, Ms. Pollard-Post. Maybe you should spend a little less time hyphonating your last name and some more time taking in the beauty of what the animal world has to offer.


    Mike Vick

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