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    8 Arkansas
    9 Texas A&M
    10 Nebraska
    11 Oklahoma St.
    12 Virginia Tech
    13 South Carolina
    14 Oregon
    15 Michigan St.
    16 Florida
    17 Ohio St.

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About Us

Jeff Hagers

I am a high school Spanish teacher. Despite that I have two close friends who lack only one class to get their Bachelor’s Degrees. (FREE tutor boys!)  I kill time these days attending estate auctions and dropping in on garage sales.  The people watching element there is quite fun.  Jeff Foxworthy (who doesn’t get enough credit for his non-redneck comedy) has it right.  If you ever want perspective on your own family, hit an auction.

I offered to contribute from what I know to Blog Hawgs but then I realized that what I know best is TV.  I love my parents to death but for a few years my babysitter’s name was Zenith.  If you don’t believe me, take me on in a game of Scene It, TV version.  The last time I played it I got every single question right including my opponents’ save for one. (Seriously though does anyone know all there is to know about the TV show, Webster?  It was terrible.)

I’m a little more casual of a sports fan than Brett and Adam.  I’m hard pressed to name the two-deep rosters of any of my favorite teams.  I’m lucky if I can remember the starters.  But I love the Hogs and I love my Iowa Hawkeyes.  I’m also a latent Saints fan but now that they won the Super Bowl I can’t tell anyone for fear of being labeled a bandwagoner.  Not sure why I follow the Ain’ts.  I guess I just love an underdog.  Baseball is my favorite though.  I’m very content to sit at a Hog game with a friend watching the game and the people.  That’s the best thing about sports to me.  Watching the people.  I’m as entertained by obsessively passionate fans as I am the games themselves.  One more thing on sports.  I have a fairly detailed breakdown on what constitutes a sport versus an athletic competition.  One day, I’ll type it up and post it for your consideration.

I have a great family. My wife, MeMe charms people with her grace, smile, and singing voice. My son, Josiah just charms people with his cuteness.  He is going on three years old, loves playing the piano and singing, loves his trains, and loves climbing.  He’s a good boy and he only gets 1 hour of TV per day.  I will not have him reminiscing about his LG babysitter when he’s my age.

I love the newspaper.  Don’t tell the ADG but I’d pay twice what I pay now if that meant that home delivery of the print version would never go away.  I’ll try to spur some interesting conversations without rousing rabble.  But as Adam well knows, I’m not afraid to point out things that don’t make sense to me. Like why Hog fans think that a 10-4 season record is not good enough and begin the run up to firing their head coach…

“If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.”
– Charles M. Schulz

Adam Butler

One of my goals in this small little corner of the Blogospere is to keep things light and airy like a cup of Dannon Yogurt Whips, so I won’t go into all of my unbelievable accomplishments and accolades.  I’ll just say that I am the co-owner and co-founder of a North Little Rock Law Firm, and that my wife Amber and I are lucky enough to have a wonderful son, Will.

I would be remiss, though, if I didn’t at least acknowledge the fact that I am a bit of a Renaissance man.  Yes, I am the same Adam Butler that won back-to-back Greene County, Arkansas Spelling Bee Championships.  And, yes, I am the same Adam Butler that — while in college — once drank a dozen beers  without relieving myself (don’t ask).

While I promised my wife that I would not mention my rugged good looks, suffice it to say I’m a cross between a male model and international jewel thief.

I can watch and obsess over just about any sport except soccer (and I am trying to get there).  I am a lifelong Razorback and St. Louis Cardinals fan, though, and will fight you to the death if you speak ill of Albert Pujols.

My goal is to have fun with this.  I welcome your comments and can be reached at

Brett Kincaid

Adam and I started this thing in August 2009, and it’s become part of our daily life.  I had to take a hiatus for work-related reasons for about six months, but I’m back and ready to roll.  I love my wife, my daughter, and sports.  And chicken wings.  And beer.

Basically I rock the Dad Life everyday.  It’s not so bad.

Please feel free to send along links, ideas, and comments about BlogHawgs.  I’m always eager to get some feedback and tips from our readers.


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  3. Rex said

    Great blog guys – I just subscribed and followed you on Twitter. Check out my new blog here:

    Take a look and let me know what you think!

    I’m also on Twitter: @tailgate_cover

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