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Remembering Hawg Ball

This page is what it says it is.  It will be a weekly feature here at until the Hoop Hogs are relevant again, or Billy Gillispie gets another DWI.

Balentine’s Day–February 14, 1984–UA tops #1 ranked, MJ-led UNC Squad in PB.

That Was Our (Other) House–Robken Revs Up Razorback Fans at End of UT Whuppin’ in Barnhill South

Bad Punch, Good Punch–Todd Day delivered his fair share of haymakers on the hardwood–just not against GrandMama.

One Shining Moment–Hogs win the 1994 (yes it WAS 15 years ago) National Championship.

Houston, you have a problem–The Hogs take down the Cougars for the 1990 SWC Tourney Title in Barnhill South.

40 Minutes of Hell Hath No Fury Like a Women’s Basketball Franchise Scorned–Is Nolan aiming for a Superfecta…Juco National Title, NIT Title, NCAA Title & WNBA Title?

ESPN Columnist Says Don’t Be Shocked if Nolan Richardson and the WNBA’s Shock are a Success in the WNBA.

Whitby Provided Canon Fodder for 21-point comeback win in the 1987 NIT that saved Nolan’s job and sent ASWho to a crushing defeat.

The numbers (via AP Polls) behind the collapse of a program.

Beam Us Up, Scotty-The Scene: Bud Walton Arena in 1995….still a virtual infant….Super Bowl Sunday, Defending National Champs versus Kentucky, in indefensible uniforms… was the first game my 15-year old brother attended in person.  I swung the ticket for him in the student section. Safe to say it was a good day.

My thoughts on the soon-to-be released “Forty Minutes of Hell–The Extrordinary Life of Nolan Richardson” by Rus Bradburn. It should be a real page-turner.

Robert Goulet’s ESPN/Razorbacks commercial–Arkansas, will you make the Final Four in those whacky uniforms with the pigs with horns…..yeah, those pigs may be Hogs but they’re kosher to me.”

This Too Shall Pass–Won’t it?

Coach K talks about Coach Richardson.

Three Words: Strollin’ With Nolan

Applause for a Trailblazer

Scotty Thurman Joins the UA Staff.

4 Responses to “Remembering Hawg Ball”

  1. Shane Deitert said

    I was sitting about 30 rows up on this end of the court. I almost died when Scotty hit the shot.

  2. Hay!!!! we did lots better than some expected last.
    He needs to give the scholarships that all the suspended players have to Bobby Knight and say here go get me x amount players that would be proud to get a free ride at UofA and play ball that can take decipline. Has Courtney Forson every statred the first ball game of the season. We don’t players like that. They need to start a back ground check on every player before they get their hands on a scholarship.

  3. […] Remembering Hawg Ball […]

  4. Hey man good update. Did you tivo last nights hanity and colmes? That is some great writing material lol. Have a good one 🙂

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