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One for the Road

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 16, 2011

Another week has flown by here at BlogHawgs.  It’s been a great week, and as always we are grateful that you chose to spend some of your time with us.  This is the calm before the storm.  Bama Week kicks off on Sunday, and we’ll be ready to roll.  We’ve got some excellent stuff in the works, so please be sure to check back next week.  You’ll be glad you did.

Here are a few of our most popular stories from the week:

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BlogHawgs Week 3 College Football Preview – Twitter Style

Free Money – Week 3

For this week’s One for the Road, we return to for an exceptional look at college football — but not the games we watch on Saturdays.  Chuck Klosterman looks at small schools and the games they play.  These teams operate in a completely different reality than the Division I fellas.  From facilities, to players, to schemes, it’s a night-and-day difference.  For example:

Last October, Maine Maritime Academy defeated Westfield State University, 42-21. That score was probably mentioned in a few newspapers, but that doesn’t make it news; this was a Division III game between two members of the New England Football Conference, hosted by a town with a population of 1,300 and a community aesthetic matching Cujo. But there’s one detail about this contest that made it unlike almost every other college football game from 2010: Maritime won by three touchdowns while passing for exactly 0 yards.

They rushed for 435, but they passed for none (they threw the ball just five times, and the only one that didn’t hit the ground was an interception). Even weirder, the Mariners managed to win without controlling the clock — Westfield had a greater time of possession. Yet as unorthodox and lopsided as those numbers seem, they were only slightly crazier than most of Maritime’s 2010 schedule: The Mariners went 6-1 in their conference, scored more than 46 points a contest, and somehow averaged 16 passing yards a game. The week after beating Westfield, Maritime defeated Framingham State 50-26, again throwing for 0 yards. The week after that, they knocked off Massachusetts Maritime by a single point — and here, again, they won without a single passing yard. They went 5-0 in October with 63 total passing yards (not 63 per game, but 63 for October). Half their team stats seem like misprints; last season, the Mariners’ starting quarterback appeared in 11 games and completed a total of 17 passes. But this is how the Mariners want it. This is the design. This is the most reactionary offense in America.

You can check out the rest of Klosterman’s piece here.  I encourage you to do so.  This is the type of story that reminds me why I love the game.



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Free Money – Week 3

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 15, 2011

Two winning weeks in a row means everyone should tread lightly this weekend.  Everyone but us, of course.  Adam and I both maxed out all 8 plays, our parlay, and our teaser options for Week 3.  I don’t see a lot of games I love, but I see a lot I’d sleep with.  This is a fun NFL week because we’ll begin to see which teams are real and which are really lucky (or really bad).  It makes the NFL a bit more difficult to handicap this week, but I see several winners on the board.

Once again, here is a quick recap of the rules:

  • Maximum of 8 single plays during the week
  • One option teaser and one optional parlay also allowed
  • Minimum of $50 wager
  • Players must include at least one CFB and at least one NFL game in the picks
  • Both started the season with a $1,000 bankroll but can buy back into the game if they go bust

For the first time this season, Adam and I are butting heads.  The funning thing is, we’re butting heads on a dog game that we neither one should probably be playing.  Kentucky has looked mediocre at best this season, stumbling to a 2-0 start.  Louisville has been even worse, losing at home to Florida International.  I think I’ll just check for that score on the Internet rather than actually watch the game.


Free Money!

Brett ($1,093)

  • Kentucky (-5) v. Louisville, $55 to win $50
  • Oklahoma St. (-13.5) at Tulsa, $55 to win $50
  • Arkansas (-22.5) v. Troy, $77 to win $70
  • Arkansas St. (+24.5) at Virginia Tech, $55 to win $50
  • Detroit (-9) v. Kansas City, $66 to win $60
  • NY Jets (-9) v. Jacksonville, $66 to win $60
  • New Orleans (-6.5) v. Chicago, $66 to win $60
  • Washington (-3.5) v. Arizona, $66 to win $60
  • Parlay: NY Jets (-9), New Orleans (-6.5), and Washington (-3.5), $50 to win $250
  • Teaser:  Navy (+23) v. South Carolina, New Orleans (-0.5)


  • Total Wagers:  $616
  • Max Win: $760


Adam ($1,210)

  • UNDER 50 – LSU/Mississippi State, $55 to win $50
  • Louisville (+5) at Kentucky, $55 to win $50
  • Wisconsin (-17) at Northern Illinois, $55 to win $50
  • Tennessee (+9.5) at Florida, $55 to win $50
  • Navy (+17) at South Carolina, $55 to win $50
  • Ohio St. (+2.5) at Miami (FL), $55 to win $50
  • Green Bay (-10) at Carolina, $55 to win $50
  • Dallas (-3) at San Francisco, $55 to win $50
  • Parlay:  Ohio St. (+2.5) & Arkansas (-22.5), $50 to win $125
  • Teaser:  Green Bay (-4) & Navy (+23), $60 to win $50


  • Total Wagers: $550
  • Max Win: $575


Wager accordingly. As usual, is not responsible for missed mortgage payments or repossessed vehicles.



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BlogHawgs Week 3 College Football Preview–Twitter Style

Posted by Adam Butler on September 15, 2011

It’s Thursday afternoon, so that means it’s time to devote our full attention to this weekend’s college football slate (NOTE: Bama Week starts Saturday night at about 10 PM, so we will begin devoting our full attention to Bama at 10:31 p.m.).

And, per the usual, there are plenty of interesting games (READ:  I am obsessed.). Unfortunately, though, in reality it’s just a “so-so” week of games, leading me to try something new this week. Rather than picking 4-5 big games and breaking them down, I thought I would list several, and comment on them in 140 characters or less, Twitter style, using obnoxious, fake (but probably already taken) Twitter user names.

But, since I don’t even have a Twitter account, and I am only vaguely familiar with hash tags (#stubbornlystuckinthedarkages) it will undoubtedly be an adventure. Nonetheless, here goes:

LSU at Mississippi St. @morecowbell: MSU wins unless Mullen again channels his inner The Mississippi Coach, again. #2.65milpershouldincludeclockmanagement

Ohio St. at Miami: @ncaacheats: THE Willful Ignorance Bowl–The Tatts beat The Rats. #bowlban

Mississippi at Vandy: @excusesrlikeHDN: It’s hard work getting one of these, ya’ll!!! Seriously! #winsoverVandy

Michigan St. at Notre Dame: @coachescardio: A battle between a coach who had a heart attack last year after this game and another who is on pace for one after this year’s game. #BayerAspirin

Auburn @ Clemson: @h8troopertaylor: Maybe deals with the devil don’t expire after all. #charmed9lives

Tennessee @ Florida: @wishitwas1998: How did Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey each  get 7 years of eligibility? #leavealready

Navy @ USCE: @dontsleeponnavy: 22 Men go out on the field, 11……points is a good tease. #notgoingthere

OU @ FSU: @snapntoslmjimbo: Winner gets an SEC invitation. #ifyourescaredbuyadog (Tm DP Show)

Troy @ Arkansas: @isitBamawkyet?: No cupcake, but expect a cover. #welcomebackDJ


Thanks for reading.

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Thursday Night Lights

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 15, 2011

How many times in your life have you heard this statement?  “I sure wish I was in Starkville tonight.”

Believe it or not, that’s a true statement.  Tonight’s game between LSU and Mississippi State is the first critical game of the SEC West slate.  No, critical is not an overstatement.  This is a huge game that will have season-long implications on both teams and the rest of the division.  An LSU win solidifies the Tigers as one of the teams to beat in the conference and the nation.  A Mississippi State victory puts the Bulldogs back in the SEC West race after a humbling setback last week at Auburn.  The oddsmakers list LSU as a 3-point favorite on the road, meaning Vegas thinks LSU is at least a TD better than MSU on a neutral field.  But this game is not on a neutral field.  It’s going to be in an electric atmosphere, under the lights at Davis Wade Stadium.  I sure wish I was in Starkville tonight.

Why LSU should win:  The Tigers have a defense that may be as ferocious as the one in Tuscaloosa.  They have allowed just 91 total yards rushing in two games.  The secondary is under construction, but John Chavis has plenty of talent to rotate.  Mississippi State uses the read-option to set up its play action passing attack.  If the Bulldogs cannot run, it makes Chris Relf a drop back passer – hardly his strength.  Offensively, LSU has been good enough.  Jarret Lee is your classic “game manager” quarterback, controlling the offense largely by handing the ball to LSU’s latest stud running backs, Michael Ford and Spencer Ware.  Lee simply needs to hit enough passes to keep the Bulldogs safeties honest, creating space at the second level for Ford and Ware.  A steady rushing attack coupled with the Tigers front seven should keep the cowbells quiet and the Tigers unbeaten.

Why MSU should win:  The Bulldogs fell behind early last week before correcting some mistakes and making a late push.  But for atrocious play-calling in the last 20 seconds of the game, Mississippi State may have pulled out a victory at Auburn.  The MSU defense is not as bad as it showed Saturday, and they certainly have enough talent to contain a vanilla LSU offense.  By eliminating the big plays (Auburn scored on 2 plays over 30 yards) Mississippi State will force Jarrett Lee to engineer sustained drives for LSU to score.  Offensively, Chris Relf has the ability to take over a football game.  He’s got the potential to put up 400 yards of total offense each week, especially with the emergence of Vic Ballard.  Reducing chunk plays for LSU while putting the game in Relf’s hands will have the cowbell nation clanging loudly well into Friday morning.

And the Winner Is…

My love for Dan Mullen is well known.  I want to take the Bulldogs.  All the intangibles are on their side tonight.  Road games in the SEC are brutally tough, and night games are even more difficult.  So … I’m going to take LSU.

Defying the odds, Les Miles appears to have his team focused on a run at SEC and BCS championships.  Jarrett Lee has shown maturity in the past 2 games, bolstered by the confidence that his defense can win the game.  Lee needs to not lose the game.  He will throw at least one interception tonight, but he will also make a critical third-down conversion in each half.  Ford and Ware will wear down the Bulldogs defense in the second half, and the LSU defensive line will eventually win the war of wills.  This has the markings of a slobber-knocker SEC showdown.  I think this will be a game that reminds us all why we love SEC football.  In the end, it’ll be a big road win for the Tigers.  LSU 23, Mississippi State 17

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Arkansas Football Team to be Featured Next Month in ESPN TV Series

Posted by Adam Butler on September 14, 2011

The University of Arkansas Football team is one of four (along with Oklahoma State, Auburn and Wisconsin) that will be featured next month in an original ESPN TV series, Depth Chart, which is  part of the network’s Year of the Quarterback initiative.

The series begins Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. CT on ESPN and will air on consecutive Wednesdays in the same time slot. Arkansas will wrap the series on Oct. 26. The series will be narrated by ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit.

So much for the ESP*I*N bias against Arkansas (unless of course the series casts Arkansas in a bad light–in which case I reserve the right to complain incessantly).

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Should Texas Change from Burnt Orange to Yellow?

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 14, 2011

Great column today from Clay Travis at (a ridiculous name because outkicking the coverage is a bad thing) regarding the timid, scared Texas Longhorns.  Travis writes about Texas and their new flirtation with the ACC, noting that the most sensible location for UT long-term is the SEC.  Yet, the Shortwhorns apparently have no interest in competing with the big boys.

The reason is simple, the Texas Longhorn administration, would-be bullies, are scared to play in the nation’s best football conference. As the Longhorns latest soap opera destination appears to be the ACC — Chip Brown at had this story first — this means that the Longhorns have four potential destinations right now: remain in the Big 12 with new teams added, leave with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State for the Pac 12, join the ACC, or go independent.

Adding Texas would be a coup for the SEC, but as Travis notes the arrogant, elite Texas boosters could not stomach being treated equally.  Sure, Bama still has a lot of sway at the SEC office.  But financially the Tide gets the same cut as Vanderbilt.  Texas could never stand for that.

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Free Money…but Not Much

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 13, 2011

Better Than Losing

It was a grinder of a week for the Free Money this week.  Both Adam and I won more than we lost, but the payouts were hardly worth noting.  Two consecutive profitable weeks, though, is worth noting.  My NFL picks turned out pretty well, but I didn’t have enough of those winners in my Free Money picks this week.  Hopefully that can change starting this week.

Adam picked up winners on Saturday with TCU (-1) and Arkansas (-36) but suffered losses with Purdue (-1) losing at Rice and Memphis (+15) taking it on the chin against Arkansas State.  Memphis really tripped up AB this week, as their loss ruined his all-Arkansas teaser with the Hogs.  He bounced back on Sunday and Monday, most notably with a New England cover for $100.  The extra wager covered Adam’s losses this week, proving that it’s not how many games you win but how well  you wager.  Adam was smart to double up on New England.

I had a better Saturday than Sunday, a feat that is unlikely to duplicate itself too often.  I managed three wins with Wisconsin (-20.5), Florida (-23.5), and Army (+9) while losing my Penn State wager.  On Sunday I managed to push on two games (Tennessee +2, Carolina +7) and dropped the Tampa play.  My weekly teaser did hit, though, with Minnesota and Philadelphia each covering easily.

The net result?  I picked up $28 while Adam profited $20 on his plays.  To date we are both in the black.  My cash on hand stands at $1,093 – a $93 profit on the season after two weeks.  Adam is still slightly ahead with cash on hand of $1,210 – a $210 profit so far.

The third week of the college season and second week of the NFL promise better games and tighter lines.  That’s usually how it works.  By the middle of October you’ll see Vegas putting out ridiculously accurate lines, increasing the degree of difficulty for degenerate gamblers like us.

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Not a Strong Start

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 12, 2011

It could be worse.

I hate it when I’m wrong.  It’s rare that I admit that I’m wrong.  I will debate for hours on end, even if I know I’m not correct.  Today I have to admit it, though; I was wrong – at least so far.  That’s about as much as you’ll get out of me in September regarding preseason predictions.

Heading into 2011 I was very high on the Georgia Bulldogs.  I anticipated Mark Richt’s squad would win one of their first two games – and honestly thought they might win both – against Boise St. and South Carolina.  The Dawgs hung with Boise for a half then wilted late.  They showed tremendous heart against South Carolina, but ultimately talent won the day.  As much as I respect Richt, I must admit that coaching plays a huge role in both of those losses.  His kids simply didn’t have what they needed to get the jobs done the past two Saturdays.

Here is what I wrote about the Georgia Bulldogs on September 2:

Georgia – Mark Richt will turn it around this year, and it could be a remarkable turnaround at that.  While I see a path to an unbeaten season, I’m not about to go down that road.  All the Bulldogs road games are ones they can win, but the lack of depth at RB and development of new receivers creates too much doubt for me to make the big, bold prediction.  They’ll probably end up dropping one of those roadies and stumble at home against Mississippi State.  Predicted Finish:  9-3, 6-2

What I seem to have overestimated was the Georgia growth on defense.  I really expected to see some maturation this year under Todd Grantham.  The results have been very similar to what Bulldogs fans have expected the past few years.  Their first two opponents have churned out just short of 800 yards of combined total offense, while scoring an average of 40 points per contest – ranking Georgia 111th in the country in scoring defense.

Offensively the Bulldogs have shown some life.  They put up 436 yards last week against a quality SEC defense and topped 370 yards against Boise St.  The Bulldogs are scoring points.  Like the last few years, though, they are not stopping the other team from getting on the board.

The problem for Georgia – in addition to the obvious – is the schedule looks quite less friendly than it did 2 weeks ago.  They catch a breather with Coastal Carolina this weekend, but then host Mississippi State before back-to-back road games against Tennessee (and their suddenly high-powered offense ) and Vanderbilt (2-0 to start the year for the first time since Jay Cutler).  Sprinkle in a trip to Ole Miss, and Georgia now looks to be in desperation.

I’m not counting the Bulldogs out just yet.  There is a lot of football to be played.  But I must admit that I’m not seeing the type of Georgia team I expected to see.

Auburn is another group I misjudged pretty badly.  Their win over Mississippi State can hardly be described as a shocker, but I fully expected the Bulldogs to go win that football game.  We learned that MSU isn’t quite the team I expected, but more importantly we learned that Auburn has the spirit of a champion.  As much as I dislike the Barners, I must admit that I am very impressed by the work Gene Chizik has produced.  The team is far from as talented as they were last year, but these guys fight.  I still believe they will struggle for bowl eligibility, but a win on the road at Clemson will force a full out mea culpa from yours truly.

The good news – for me at least – is that we’re only 2 weeks into the football season.  September predictions are good for little more than an exercise in futility come December, but no one like to see his predictions get torched so early.  I think Georgia will rally, but winning the SEC East looks like a long shot at this point.  And Auburn is probably still going to struggle to win 7 games this year, but they do have the heart of a champion.  It’s time we all recognize that and start to give Chizik the respect he deserves.

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BlogHawgs Heisman Five Plus One – Week Two

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 12, 2011

Special to from Kris Boyd

We at the +1 readily admit the +1 is pretty boring this week.  The top three did not play and did not move.  Weeden remains at four and the only movement is a RB swap and a QB swap.  Vick Ballard made the list after carrying his team in the fourth quarter and Denard Robinson replaced Luck after almost 500 yards of total offense and a win over an overrated Notre Dame.

1. Robert Griffin, III, QB, Baylor

2. Landry Jones, QB, OU

3. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State

4. Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma State Weeden once again put up great stats, but is going to have to watch that whole throwing-the-ball-to-the-other-team thing.

5. Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan The +1 initially was going to leave Laces off the list, but he replaced Andrew Luck after looking at his stats and realizing Michigan would not have come close to beating Notre Dame without him.  Denard will fall faster than USC East in October if he continues to throw balls up for grabs, though.  His receivers made some great plays, but Shoelace could have easily had seven interceptions, instead of three, against a defense that is not that good.

+1. Vick Ballard, RB, Mississippi State Ballard is averaging almost 10 yards a carry and looked amazing against Auburn.  Miss State lost the game, but I’ll place that blame on Coach Mullen.  Ballard will get plenty of chances to continue to prove himself against some very strong SEC defenses.

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BlogHawgs Razorback Rewind–Week 2

Posted by Adam Butler on September 12, 2011

Second verse, same as the first. Arkansas did the expected in Week 2 and treated Los Lobos like Little Penny.  Here are our thoughts on Arkansas 52-3 victory over New Mexico after a day of reflection.

What We Saw in Week 2

The “Razorbacks Remember” tributes to the victims of 9/11 were tremendous. Whether it was the national anthem, fly over, the color coordination of the fans, the red, white and blue logos on the field and Hogs’ helmets, or the over-the-air salutes, they got it right. It was all done very well.

This just in: Arkansas’ wide receivers are fast. Very fast. Joe Adams, Jarius Wright and Cobi Hamilton (and you can throw Marquel Wade into the mix, too) have more speed than a handful of NFL teams’ wide receivers. It shows when UA QB Tyler Tyler Wilson gets them the ball in space. They–and the weak opponents–are the main reasons Arkansas has scored 50 points in back-to-back games for the first time since 1928.

–Wilson had a few bumps along the way, literally and figuratively. He again showed better touch on short passes than his predecessor, New England Patriot, Ryan Mallett. This led to plenty of yards after catch for his speed burner wideouts. But, Wilson also struggled some against zones, forcing things at times in the Red Zone, and failing to get the ball out of his hands quickly on another occasion. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is value to learning from your mistakes and correcting them mid-game. As a QB, you aren’t always going to have your “A” game, but there a plenty of times you can win as long as you settle down and utilize the weapons at your disposal.

–For the second consecutive week, Wilson risked his health and safety at the goalline. Wilson took a hit and was rewarded with a TD just before half, but it also helped him punch an early ticket to the sidelines with concussion-like symptoms. Brandon Mitchell came in and moved the team, but we would like to see Wilson pick his spots a little better. There is a reason he is the starter and, for now, Mitchell is just the capable backup that adds a different dimension to the offense.

–Wilson wasn’t the only Hog to test the frayed nerves of Arkansas’ most anxious fans. Defensive end Jake Bequette went down in the 1st quarter with a leg injury, which wass later diagnosed as a strained hamstring. He returned to the sideline and did not have the look of a guy who expected to miss significant playing time, if any. Jarius Wright also tweaked his knee after again proving to be one of Wilson’s favorite targets. None of the three injuries appear to be serious and that is good news as Arkansas eyes a showdown with Alabama in a few weeks.

–Mitchell showed the explosiveness that had impressed coaches in camp, but as of yet, had not been on full display under the big lights. He was quick and decisive in the passing game, showed off a very strong arm and was a load on the run. Don’t get me wrong–there shouldn’t be, and isn’t–a quarterback controversy. But, just as we saw last year, the backup has to be ready at a moment’s notice, particularly if you have real title aspirations.

What We Didn’t See in Week 2

–The real Greg Childs. Numerous reports from  fall camp revealed that Childs is 100% physically after rehabbing from season-ending knee surgery last year. But, Childs clearly isn’t all the way back mentally. By my count, he had 3 passes targeted to him, and he looked like he wanted no part of them, coming out of his cuts timidly, and with his eyes on the approaching defenders. The old Childs would have snagged the passes, looked those guys up, and punished them.

While Arkansas, as a team, can probably overcome sub par numbers from Childs, I yearn to see him get back to his old form because Childs is a prototypical NFL wide receiver, and I would hate to see a career wasted because of the fateful tearing of his patella tendon. Look for Arkansas to get him the ball early next week in the hopes of getting his mind right heading into the showdown in Alabama.

What You May Not Have Seen in Week 2

–True freshman cornerback Tevin Mitchel (no typo, there) played early and often, and looks to have the athleticism and confidence to contribute meaningful SEC minutes this season.

–Senior defensive end Tenarius “Tank” Wright lived up to his nickname, as he punished UNM’s kicker on a fake field goal he stonewalled, and he generally had a nasty disposition all night. That’s a good thing. There will be no free lunch in the SEC and if Arkansas wants to continue to build as a program, it needs to play  like the biggest, baddest bully on the block–without picking up dumb personal fouls.

–We have an increasingly ridiculous tailgating situation at War Memorial Stadium. Yes, the tailgating is a lot of fun and the game atmosphere typically benefits. But, something has to be done about the guys who get too far into their cups. I saw one guy who had more “almost fights” than UNM had points. To say he was acting like a fool isn’t fair to fools. And, I am pretty sure “Rack ’em Willie”(NSFW) hung out near our vehicles for the entire second half There is alwayss going to be some riff raff, but I just don’t want to see any Bryan Stowe incidents at Hog games.

What We Hope to See in Week 3

–The running game needs to continue to improve. But for a fumble, Ronnie Wingo Jr. did just that. He had 73 yards on 12 carries and was, for the most part, quick, and decisive. Weakside offensive tackle Jason Peacock seemed to improve from Week 1 to Week 2 and will be worth watching next week to see if he grabs playing time ahead of Week 1 freshman Mitch Smothers.

–I want the old Greg Childs back. He is a beast, when he’s locked in. He just needs to remember that.

–Arkansas needs to take care of business, early. Troy is a step above the competition to date, and the Hogs don’t need to give them any reason to believe they can leave Fayetteville with a huge upset. And, the Razorbacks need to be able to get their starters some action but keep them healthy for the SEC opener on September 24th.

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Select 17 – Week 3

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 12, 2011

Not a lot of movement in this week’s poll.  The chalk walked this past weekend, although a few had to pull out minor miracles to get it done.  Ohio State looks very fragile, Mississippi State showed it is not quite ready for prime time, and Arkansas flexed against a weak opponent for the 2nd straight week.  Week Three presents a few marquee games, notably Florida State v. Oklahoma.  The conference schedules are about to get into full swing over the next 2 weeks, and that means this is the last week we’ll see a Select 17 with this little movement.

Rank Team Votes LW
1 Oklahoma (6) 147 1
2 Alabama (2) 144 2
3 LSU (1) 133 3
4 Stanford 115 4
5 Wisconsin 107 6
6 Boise St 106 5
7 Florida St. 97 7
8 Arkansas 91 8
9 Texas A&M 75 9
10 Nebraska 73 10
11 Oklahoma St. 60 11
12 Virginia Tech 59 12
13 South Carolina 53 14
14 Oregon 41 13
15 Michigan St. 28 16
16 Florida 22 NR
17 Ohio St. 10 17

Others Receiving Votes:  West Virginia 6, Baylor 5, Arizona St. 2, South Florida 2, Auburn 1

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Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 10, 2011

Good Morning and a Hearty Wooooooooooo, Pig Sooie

The Hogs take on New Mexico this evening at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.  Kickoff is set for 6:05pm and will be televised on ESPNU.  For details today’s 9/11 Tribute at War Memorial – including the Red, White, and Blue Out seating chart, you can check here.

As for the game itself, no one expects this one to be close at all.  New Mexico is completely out-manned on both sides of the ball, both on the field and in the coaching booths.  The Lobos offensive line leaks like a sieve, the defense does not have the depth needed to challenge a national power, and the special teams do not appear to be very special.  Meanwhile Arkansas looked as dominant as I can recall in a season opener last week, pushing around an inferior opponent like you expect an SEC title contender to do.  Look for the Hogs to run a similar gameplan this week, strengthening their base offense and defense while adding a few new wrinkles.  However do not expect a fully expanded playbook.  There’s no reason to give Alabama and Nick Saban anything to study that they might see in 2 weeks.

BlogHawgs Prediction:  Arkansas 55, New Mexico 10

What Others Are Saying SEC Bloggers

Edward Aschoff:Tyler Wilson was good, but not great in his starting debut last week. The Razorbacks didn’t need him to be great, but he should improve this week and spread the ball around even more. … Arkansas 44, New Mexico 7

Chris Low: The Hogs put a couple of special teams touchdowns on the board last week in the opener thanks to Joe Adams’ punt return prowess. Don’t be surprised if the defense gets into the act this Saturday in a second straight rout for the Hogs. … Arkansas 48, New Mexico 10

Bruce Feldman,

Arkansas 49, New Mexico 6: Tyler Wilson and his stud WRs (Jarius Wright and Joe Adams and crew) are too good for the Lobos, and the Hogs’ D will feast on a New Mexico offense that surrendered 10 sacks in last week’s loss to CSU.

College Football News

What Will Happen: Target practice. Arkansas should be able to do whatever it wants offensively, and while New Mexico will provide more of a defensive speed bump than Missouri State, this could be over after about ten minutes.

CFN Prediction: Arkansas 45 … New Mexico 6

Feel free to post your predictions, thoughts, and reactions to all of college football today.

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Free Money – Week 2

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 8, 2011

Week Two of our Free Money series introduces the NFL to the game.  Like most degenerate gamblers, we always appreciate more games than less.  With a full slate of NFL action beginning tonight, there is plenty to love this weekend.  Both Adam and I are coming off winning weeks, and we fully expect to keep that momentum going into Week Two.

Over the course of the season, a 55% winning clip is what we’re shooting to hit.  If we approach 60% it may be time to relocate to Las Vegas.  No one hits 80% or better on a week-in and week-out basis.  Don’t believe the touts you find on the Internet or late night television.  If it were easy, Vegas wouldn’t look so awesome.

A quick refresher on the rules:

  • Maximum of 8 single plays during the week
  • One option teaser and one optional parlay also allowed
  • Minimum of $50 wager
  • Players must include at least one CFB and at least one NFL game in the picks
  • Both started the season with a $1,000 bankroll but can buy back into the game if they go bust

I am making a total of 7 straight plays this week in addition to taking advantage of both the parlay and teaser options.  Adam will make all 8 straight plays and a teaser but will stay away from the parlay.  I am slightly less leveraged than Adam this week , who really likes New England to cover a TD at Miami on Monday night.  I think I’m going to regret not taking that one, too.  Predictably the NFL lines are pretty tight this week.  I considered Kansas City (-6.5) against Buffalo, but there’s no way I can force myself to watch two craptastic games on opening weekend.  And, yes, Chiefs fans.  Your team is going to be bad again this year.  Go ahead and get your minds right.

Free Money!

Brett ($1,065)

  • Wisconsin (-20.5) v. Oregon St, $66 to win $60
  • Penn St (+10) v. Alabama, $55 to win $50
  • Florida (-23.5) v. UAB, $55 to win $50
  • Army (+9.5) v. San Diego St., $55 to win $50
  • Carolina (+7) at Arizona, $55 to win $50
  • Tennessee (+2) at Jacksonville, $55 to win $50
  • Tampa Bay (-1.5) v. Detroit, $55 to win $50
  • Parlay: Over 36 – Pitt/Bal & Miss St (-6.5) at Auburn, $50 to win $125
  • Teaser: Minnesota (+14.5) and Philly (+2), $60 to win $50
  • Total Wagers:  $528
  • Max Win: $555


Adam ($1,190)

  • TCU (-1) at Air Force, $55 to win $50
  • Purdue (-1) at Rice, $55 to win $50
  • Arkansas (-36) v. New Mexico, $55 to win $50
  • Memphis (+15) at Arkansas State, $55 to win $50
  • Over 44 – Philadelphia/St. Louis, $55 to win $50
  • Cleveland (-6.5) v. Cincinnati, $55 to win $50
  • New England (-7) v. Miami, $110 to win $100
  • Over 40.5 – Dallas/NY Jets, $55 to win $50
  • Teaser: Arkansas (-30) v. New Mexico, Memphis (+21) at Arkansas State, $60 to win $50
  • Total Wagers: $555
  • Max Win: $500

Wager accordingly. As usual, is not responsible for broken bones or busted kneecaps from Vinny.

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Free Money, Week 1 Results

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 7, 2011

If you played with last week, you won money.  If you played Adam’s picks, you won considerably more money.

Adam went 6-2 against the number, netting a total profit of $190 for the weekend.  I managed a respectable 3-3 including a 2-game parlay win last Thursday night.  We get to add NFL to the mix this week, which will certainly affect the wagering considerably.  I see a handful of winners out there I can’t wait to jump.

Adam picked up wins with Oklahoma (-24.5), Alabama (-38), Ohio St. (-34), Michigan (-13.5), Texas (-24), and Boise (-3).  His only losses came from the islands, as his Colorado (+7) play and Over 55 play both failed to hit in the Buffs game against Hawai’i.  I jumped out Thursday with an Over 50 play in the Mississippi State at Memphis game.  I also hit my parlay that night, hooking the Over with Mississippi State (-29.5) at the Liberty Bowl.  My losses came with Wake Forest (+6.5), a moneyline +210 wager on Wake, and Georgia (+3).

Wagering is not for the faint of heart.  Adam won his Texas wager by a half point, and I lost both of my Wake Forest plays late against Syracuse.  In the end, though, it generally comes out in the wash.  Keep playing, and you’ll balance the great escapes and the bad beats.



Adam: $1,190

Brett:  $1,065

Both players started with a bankroll of $1,000 and must make between 4-8 plays each week with a minimum $50 wager.  Each player is also allowed one parlay and one tease but not required to play either.  This is fake money.  No need to call the law.

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SEC – The Great Fraternity

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 6, 2011

When was the last time you saw a football team from California, Illinois, or Virginia win a game and start chanting the name of their conference?  Probably never.  This question led Bryan Curtis to explore the phenomenon of the S-E-C chant.  Curtis, writing for, is a Texan that scratches his head regarding our conference’s tendency to chest-thump when any one of our brethren win a bowl game, NCAA Tournament game, or gymnastic meet.

These guys cheer for the whole conference? Yup, they do. As the Tide and their pals won five straight national championships, something happened to modern SEC fandom. The SEC fan roots for his school, of course. But he also roots for his conference, and, in an interesting, New South kind of way, his whole region. The thing historians used to call southern exceptionalism — and its first cousin on its mother’s side, southern solidarity — has been channeled into a football fight song. has stepped up its game on college football.  Bill Simmons, the man behind the curtain at the website, has routinely talked about how he doesn’t “get it” regarding college sports.  Writers like Curtis and most notably Michael Weinreb continue to produce insightful, interesting college football stories.  If you want to care about a team and coach that you have no reason to ever consider, read Weinreb’s piece on Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson.  It’s awesome.


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Farmers Flight

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 6, 2011

Hey SEC, can we play?

There goes the neighborhood…

It looks like the Aggies to the SEC saga is entering its final week.  Exactly four weeks ago we told you that Texas A&M would head to the SEC, abandoning a failing Big XII and its long standing traditions with Texas.  (Sub in “Arkansas” for Texas A&M and “SWC” for Big XII, and this story could have been written more than 20 years ago.)  According to Andy Staples at Sports Illustrated, one of college football’s messiest divorces of all time could be finalized in the next 24 hours.

Reports today tell us that the SEC presidents are scheduled to meet tonight to vote on adding a new member.  Nine of the 12 SEC university presidents must vote to approve a new member, and it is widely believed that will happen.  Of course, Texas A&M appears to be that new member.

Staples takes time to explore the looming changes this move will almost certainly set in motion.  Are 16-team conferences on the horizon?

Let’s hop in the time machine and travel back to July 2010. In an interview with, the Pac-12’s Scott explained that he believed superconferences would eventually form. “Something like that is bound to happen at some stage,” Scott said 14 months ago. Why? Because when he floated the idea in 2010, Scott found that television executives loved it. “What you couldn’t predict is what fan reaction would be, what media reaction would be and how the TV executives who would ultimately have to stroke some big checks would react,” Scott said. “That was the part that was very pleasing. I got contacted by every major TV network in the country.”

Lots of eyeballs on Atlanta today, where the meeting of the SEC presidents has been scheduled.  We’ll let you know what we hear.

UPDATE I (3:51pm) – One source in Aggieland tells us that a press conference has already been scheduled for tomorrow in College Station, presumably to announce that Texas A&M will join the SEC as the league’s 13th member.

UPDATE II (9:35pm) – Word is filtering out tonight that the Aggies have received the requisite votes needed to become the SEC’s 13th member.  David Sandhop over at Aggie Websider has some details.


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BlogHawgs Heisman Five + 1 (09/06/11)

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 6, 2011

Special to from Kris Boyd

My how the times have changed and, wow, how the + 1 was an unknowing prognosticator of the starting QB’s for the Sugar Bowl with Ryan Mallett and Terelle Pryor by ranking them #’s 1 and 2 in the original 5 + 1. That being said, it appears as if Baylor and OU will be pouring some sugar on themselves in January.

Kellen Moore is present and accounted for and we all know my bias against Boise State. I also see you Malcolm Agnew and Vick Ballard. Keep it up. Without further ado, the Blog Hawgs 5 + 1 rankings after week 1. As always, I’m not afraid to move players drastically up and down this list week in and week out. I’m not married to my rankings like 99% of the “real” voters are.

1. Robert Griffin, III, QB, Baylor RG III cemented himself as a passer and winner and not just a “dual threat QB” by making a good TCU defense look silly. We know Griffin will put up gaudy stats, but he also has a few more games against top 25 teams to back up those numbers and keep him atop this list.

2. Landry Jones, QB, OU Jones would have been #1 on this list had Robert Griffin not destroyed TCU. Jones will throw for 4,000 yards and 40 TD’s and will probably go undefeated. That is a recipe for holding up a posing trophy at the end of the year.

3. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State What was not to like about Kellen’s performance against Georgia in another huge game at the beginning of the season? He did have a pick that he probably shouldn’t have tried to fit in, but he was feeling it at that time. Moore went on the road (neutral field, please) and picked apart a pretty good SEC defense.

4. Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma State Weeden is going to be like Jones–except for the whole undefeated thing.

5. LaMichael James, RB, Oregon A stout LSU defense stymied James most of the night and he was dropped down because of that. LaMichael will have to step up in big games or he will fall off this list forever. We’re cutting him some slack because of his history.

+1. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford Luck is going to have to really stand out if he wants to move up playing in a very weak PAC-10. Especially since a very junior high-esque LSU offense was able to move the ball easily on Oregon.

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Select 17 – Week 2

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 6, 2011

Like everyone else in America today, we’re running a bit behind.  The holiday weekend was fantastic, but the pile of work waiting at the office was not ideal.  Speaking of not ideal…how about those Georgia Bulldogs?  And the weather, too.  You think there are any climate change believers now in the upper midwest?

Boise State and LSU made it look easy on Saturday night, while most of the other Top 10 teams did the same.  Every team that was expected to roll did so, although South Carolina stumbled out of the gates.  Stephen Garcia came off the bench and directed a dangerous Gamecock offense in the second half to great success.  Perhaps the biggest surprise is that there were no surprises on Saturday.  I guess Baylor “shocked” everyone on Friday night, but they were only a six-point underdog at home to a team breaking in a new quarterback.

It’s a big week coming up with two critical SEC matchups.  South Carolina travels to Athens for their annual early season matchup with Georgia, and Mississippi State takes on Auburn in a “must win” game for both teams.  I’m not even kidding.  The loser of that game cannot win the SEC West.

The Select 17…

Rank Team Votes LW
1 Oklahoma (6) 148 1
2 Alabama (2) 141 2
3 LSU (1) 135 5
4 Stanford 114 4
5 Boise St. 107 8
6 Wisconsin 101 6
7 Florida St. 99 7
8 Arkansas 86 9
t9 Nebraska 77 10
t9 Texas A&M 77 11
11 Oklahoma St. 59 13
12 Virginia Tech 58 12
13 Oregon 47 3
14 South Carolina 44 14
15 Mississippi St 39 17
16 Michigan St. 16 16
17 Ohio St. 14 NR

Others Receiving Votes:  Florida (8), West Virginia (3), Baylor (1), BYU (1), Penn St. (1), Missouri (1)

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One for the Road

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 2, 2011

It’s been another big week here at, and we thank you for making us part of your routine.  Football season is upon us, and judging by the work productivity I’ve noticed today everyone has mentally checked out for the holiday weekend.  Arkansas kicks off against Missouri State tomorrow night at 6:05 in Fayetteville at Reynolds Razorback Stadium.  If you’re not heading to The Hill you can watch the game via PPV for $34.95.  Follow us on Twitter for updates from around college football tomorrow and of course during the Hogs game tomorrow night.

Here are a few of our more popular stories from this week.

The Football Binge Survival Guide

ESPN’s Rick Reilly Picks Arkansas to Win National Title

Evaluating the SEC East

Evaluating the SEC West

Red Swarm – 2011 Arkansas Defensive Preview

Proving Its Points – 2011 Arkansas Offensive Preview

Free Money

2011 SEC Predictions


This week’s One for the Road comes in video form.  With excitement for a new football season at the boiling point, we wanted to take a stroll through the 2010 season one last time.  These are some YouTube videos cataloging some of the Arkansas Razorbacks highlights from a season that ended in New Orleans.  Here’s hoping they head back to The Big Easy this winter.

Have a great weekend and GO HOGS!




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A Sense of Calm

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 2, 2011

For the second time in as many weeks, the Arkansas Times has come through with an excellent sports column.  I’m still surprised about the last one, not because it has poor content (It was quite good.) but because it came from the Arkansas Times.  AT is not exactly a place folks typically turn to find sports info or commentary.  Keep up the good work, guys.

This week Beau Wilcox writes about the sense of calm and stability surrounding the Arkansas program.  For long-time Hogs fans, it’s a very unnatural feeling.  In past seasons an injury like that to Knile Davis would have spelled doom for the entire year.  While it’s a blow, Wilcox correctly points to the fact that head coach Bobby Petrino appears calm, cool, and collected heading into the season without his all-SEC running back.

On balance, the roster has never had such quality and quantity, a proverbial embarrassment of riches. We are unaccustomed to that after years (decades, even) of slipshod player recruitment and retention. This coaching staff pinpoints needs and labors to fill them.

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