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Arkansas Football Team to be Featured Next Month in ESPN TV Series

Posted by Adam Butler on September 14, 2011

The University of Arkansas Football team is one of four (along with Oklahoma State, Auburn and Wisconsin) that will be featured next month in an original ESPN TV series, Depth Chart, which is  part of the network’s Year of the Quarterback initiative.

The series begins Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. CT on ESPN and will air on consecutive Wednesdays in the same time slot. Arkansas will wrap the series on Oct. 26. The series will be narrated by ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit.

So much for the ESP*I*N bias against Arkansas (unless of course the series casts Arkansas in a bad light–in which case I reserve the right to complain incessantly).


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Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 10, 2011

Good Morning and a Hearty Wooooooooooo, Pig Sooie

The Hogs take on New Mexico this evening at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.  Kickoff is set for 6:05pm and will be televised on ESPNU.  For details today’s 9/11 Tribute at War Memorial – including the Red, White, and Blue Out seating chart, you can check here.

As for the game itself, no one expects this one to be close at all.  New Mexico is completely out-manned on both sides of the ball, both on the field and in the coaching booths.  The Lobos offensive line leaks like a sieve, the defense does not have the depth needed to challenge a national power, and the special teams do not appear to be very special.  Meanwhile Arkansas looked as dominant as I can recall in a season opener last week, pushing around an inferior opponent like you expect an SEC title contender to do.  Look for the Hogs to run a similar gameplan this week, strengthening their base offense and defense while adding a few new wrinkles.  However do not expect a fully expanded playbook.  There’s no reason to give Alabama and Nick Saban anything to study that they might see in 2 weeks.

BlogHawgs Prediction:  Arkansas 55, New Mexico 10

What Others Are Saying SEC Bloggers

Edward Aschoff:Tyler Wilson was good, but not great in his starting debut last week. The Razorbacks didn’t need him to be great, but he should improve this week and spread the ball around even more. … Arkansas 44, New Mexico 7

Chris Low: The Hogs put a couple of special teams touchdowns on the board last week in the opener thanks to Joe Adams’ punt return prowess. Don’t be surprised if the defense gets into the act this Saturday in a second straight rout for the Hogs. … Arkansas 48, New Mexico 10

Bruce Feldman,

Arkansas 49, New Mexico 6: Tyler Wilson and his stud WRs (Jarius Wright and Joe Adams and crew) are too good for the Lobos, and the Hogs’ D will feast on a New Mexico offense that surrendered 10 sacks in last week’s loss to CSU.

College Football News

What Will Happen: Target practice. Arkansas should be able to do whatever it wants offensively, and while New Mexico will provide more of a defensive speed bump than Missouri State, this could be over after about ten minutes.

CFN Prediction: Arkansas 45 … New Mexico 6

Feel free to post your predictions, thoughts, and reactions to all of college football today.

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I Hope Sean Salisbury Sees This

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 9, 2011

Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino and his wife announced today a $250,000 contribution to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.  Coach Petrino visited the facility today with Razorback players, who are all in Little Rock to play New Mexico tomorrow night at War Memorial Stadium.  More from the Arkansas Times:

A family lounge and waiting area in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit will be named in honor of the Petrinos.
Petrino said in a news release that he and his wife chose to support Children’s Hospital because they believe in the mission of the institution. “As parents, we know the importance of having such a facility here in our state,” he said.
The announcement was made in conjunction with several Razorback players visiting the hospital.

Bobby Petrino continues to impress.  In addition to the contribution, Petrino will host an annual golf tournament to raise funds for the hospital.  The first tournament is next June at The County Club of Little Rock.

As most of you remember, Sean Salisbury attempted to humiliate Petrino on ESPN after Petrino left Atlanta to take the job as head coach at the University of Arkansas.  Salisbury, on air, told recruits to stay away from Arkansas and did all but call Petrino as sociopath.  Salisbury’s contract was not renewed by ESPN after a scandal involving cell phone pictures of his man area surfaced.

AB’S UPDATE: Great minds think alike. I was just coming here to post this. This is wonderful.

The people at ACH and other hospitals like it (such as Shriners in Stl., where I was transformed from a baby who was never going to be able to sit up on my own to the powerhouse that I am today) change lives every single day.

250k. They didn’t come to paint.

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Hearing Delayed

Posted by Brett Kincaid on August 15, 2011

Tuesday’s scheduled hearing of the Texas House of Representatives Higher Education Committee has been postponed.  Evidently this hearing only needed to happen in the event Texas A&M’s Board of Regents had officially voted to move to the SEC today.  That’s the impression I certainly get, especially in light of Texas Rep. Dan Branch’s comments.

“While events may continue to evolve in the coming weeks, at this time, there is no immediate need to evaluate the merits of an athletic conference reconfiguration involving Texas A&M University and, potentially, other Texas public universities,” Branch said in a statement released Monday afternoon. “If the current situation changes, our committee is prepared to convene.”

I think it’s fair to say that Mr. Branch’s committee hearing has but one purpose:  Shame Texas A&M into staying in the Big 12 by showing how that move may undermine the viability of other state schools.  Interestingly, no hearing of this magnitude was scheduled with the University of Texas created its own television sports network.  In fact, Rep. Branch lauded that move:

“I do not think this Legislature ought to penalize people that are going on and being successful in maximizing their assets and getting a higher return and finding revenues that are not a tax base.”

“I certainly will do everything I can to make sure that people who take care of their institutions and raise them up and bring in more revenues and create value that somehow that wouldn’t be a detriment as they go through the appropriations process.”

More on this tonight

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The Lies of Texas

Posted by Brett Kincaid on August 8, 2011

It’s heating up down in Texas, and the outside temperature has nothing on the boiling feud between the University of Texas and its Big XII brethren.

Very quietly – at least nationally – the pressure has been building on Texas to reveal the details of its deal with ESPN.  As you no doubt recall, Texas entered into a 20-year, $300 million deal with The Mothership to launch the Longhorn Network.  The LHN would broadcast one non-league UT football game, a handful of hoops games, and other live programming like baseball, track, women’s volleyball and basketball, etc.  In short, it would be the most boring network in the history of television – even to insufferable Longhorn fans.

Turns out there’s more to the initial reports of that deal.

It’s been widely reported lately that LHN wants to broadcast high school football games this season.  The teams involved in these games would feature key recruits the Longhorns have targeted.  All of this is nice and legal, of course, since the coaching staff and administration at Texas wouldn’t be directing which teams would be covered (wink, wink).

Now comes word from an Aggie blog that good ol’ Texas has big designs on expanding that network – and its own independence.

The most embarrassing section of the contract makes both Texas and ESPN look like ridiculous, petulant prep school kids:

…(T)he University of Texas has the ability to fire any ESPN on-air talent that doesn’t represent the university in the best light. Texas gets to determine it’s “quality and reputation” to all who view the network by threatening pink slips to those anchors who wish to express perhaps an honest opinion.  Don’t turn on the network and not expect a very slanted view of what is actually happening.  5-7 football team a year before?  Don’t worry, a Top 25 team in the preseason polls the next season.  Anyone who disagrees is shown the door.  But ESPN hasn’t been interested in telling viewers the whole or honest story at least since the Mike Leach and Adam James incident have they Mr. Joe Schad?

If Texas gets its own “state run” sports channel, what would other schools think of it?  Obviously they’d be looking for alternate routes.  All the money flows to Austin with no profit sharing for the other 9 league institutions.  The school would get to highlight targeted recruits’ high school games (via ESPN, of course, not the school itself), and it would ultimately get to broadcast more football games – taking even more money out of the total television package split among the league.

I’ve heard from folks in Aggieland that a decision could come as soon as this week or as late as the end of the football season that would place the Aggies in the SEC.  Even more rumors suggest Texas Tech has a deal in principle to join the Pac-12.  Oklahoma surely is looking into alternative plans should the rift ultimately destroy the league.

Of course, we’re dealing in rumors right now.  No one can say anything on the record.  It appeared last summer that the Aggies would jump into the SEC after Nebraska and Colorado announced their plans.  Texas conned everyone into sticking it out, but their LHN deal appears to contradict their stated goals of making the Big XII a fair, equitable playing field for all members.

The Lies of Texas, indeed…

The Texas/ESPN agreement, as pulled thanks to an Aggie FOIA request, can be found here.

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Tis the Season

Posted by Brett Kincaid on December 1, 2010

You’re invited to the Second Annual Bowl Mania contest at

We have set up a group – BlogHawg Nation – for you to try and beat the “experts” at picking the bowl games this year.  This is a confidence league, meaning you pick the winners and rank them from 1-892 (or however many bowl games there really are) based on how confident you are Team A will beat Team B in each game.  REMEMBER (looking at you, Adam) that you assign to the highest point value to your most confident selection.

Use the link above to set up your entry.  Once you are done, opt to Join a Group and search for “BlogHawg Nation”.  If you have not set up an account (and why haven’t you?!) you will need to do so before creating an entry.  The site is pretty user friendly, so even Kris should be able to complete an entry.

Good Luck!

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DeMarcus Gets Some Love

Posted by Brett Kincaid on October 15, 2010

Arkansas Razorbacks left tackle DeMarcus Love continues to be recognized as one of the premiere offensive linemen in the SEC.  ESPN’s Chris Low ranked the best linemen in the conference, noting that Love has been Ryan Mallett’s protector on the blind side.  With a good combine, Love could put himself in the first two rounds of April’s NFL draft…assuming there is not a work stoppage.

Arkansas senior offensive tackle DeMarcus Love:He’s been Ryan Mallett‘s protector on the blind side. The Hogs had some problems with the rush in the Alabama game, but Love remains one of the better left tackles in college football.



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SEC Power Rankings

Posted by Adam Butler on October 11, 2010

from Chris Low at ESPN.

Arkansas is about to get its chance to make a big move.

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SEC Power Rankings from ESPN SEC Blogger Chris Low

Posted by Adam Butler on October 4, 2010

AB says : I wish I could get odds on "Chances that Urb Meyer Takes Another Leave of Absence Before This Season is Over. We could call it the Coach K Line.

Have I mentioned that this guy gets it?

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Two Days and Counting…

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 23, 2010

It seems the entire state of Arkansas is ready to just throw in the towel on this week and get to Saturday.  Hopefully the Razorback football team has more focus and discipline.  They’ll need every minute of preparation they can muster in order to knock off the #1 team in the land.  The indispensable Chris Low at breaks down a few key things to watch in the SEC this week, most notably what to look for in the Hogs/Tide showdown.  He correctly points out that the ability to protect Ryan Mallett against new blitz packages will likely make a big difference in the outcome.

1. Protecting Mallett: If you want to know how Arkansas fared late Saturday afternoon against Alabama without looking at the scoreboard, take a look instead at Ryan Mallett’s uniform and the number of turf stains it has on it. If the Hogs can protect him, he has a chance to do some damage against the Crimson Tide’s young secondary. A year ago, Alabama was able to frustrate Mallett not only by the pressure it brought, but also by disguising things and mixing up its coverages. You can bet Nick Saban’s going to dial up some blitzes the Hogs haven’t seen this season on tape, but Mallett is pretty slick in that pocket when it comes to buying just enough time and zipping it down the field. If the Hogs can keep him upright, they’ll have a chance to hit some big plays. On the flip side, if the Crimson Tide can get pressure with their front guys and not have to blitz much, then it’s going to be a long afternoon for Mallett and that Arkansas offense.

While I agree with the general consensus that Arkansas has got to run the ball more effectively, protecting the quarterback will play a bigger role in this game.  The short passing game is as effective as the speed running game, and putting the ball in the hands of the wideouts gives Arkansas a better chance to score than in the hands of the running backs.  That’s not to say the Hogs have no talent in the backfield.  If Ronnie or Broderick see a crease, they can take it to the house.  But hitting Joe Adams and Jarius Wright on 5-yard crossing patterns has proven to be something that produces chunk plays.  If the Hogs only rush for 50 yards but 40 of those come in the 4th quarter while we’re icing away a victory, I’m fine with it.

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Is the World Coming to an End?

Posted by Adam Butler on September 21, 2010

At least one ESP*I*N commentator, Bob Valvano, has Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino’s back in this 6-minute segment. Good, reasonable, even-handed, informed stuff. It’s refreshing.

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Happy Thursday

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 16, 2010

It’s the beginning of the college football weekend, which means folks are starting to make their picks for Saturday.  College Football News has unveiled their “Fearless Predictions” with the Hogs v. Dawgs as their feature game.  If you are a regular reader of CFN, you may be surprised by their pick. SEC blogger Chris Low – aka, Adam’s Man Crush – also has his predictions out today.  Low has been skeptical of Arkansas all season, oscillating back and forth between the Hogs and Auburn as the most likely team to challenge Alabama for the SECW title.

After two weeks of SEC teams on TV on Thursday nights, ESPN features a dog of a game this week.  Only the most devoted of college football fans could muster the strength to get “excited” about tonight’s game between Cincinnati and North Carolina State.  There are few teams more boring than NC State, and Cincinnati is a far cry from last year’s Sugar Bowl team.  (Yes…I’m sure I’ll watch more than I care to admit.)

Stay tuned, dear readers.  Adam and I will release our Week 3 picks later today.  After we both split last week (8-8 each), we’re looking for a big bounce-back weekend.

TEASER ALERT:  One of us is very likely to take a big lead after Saturday.  Lots of games where we butt heads

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Moving Forward

Posted by Brett Kincaid on September 13, 2010

The preseason is done.  Arkansas managed to rip off 2 good wins against inferior opponents and did so with minimum damage.  Rumors circulating around the program say Dennis Johnson has broken ribs. Some even speculate the Texarkana running back may have suffered some internal bleeding as a result of a big hit on Saturday.  Coach Petrino has not specifically addressed DJ just yet, but we hope to hear something later today.  Losing Dennis Johnson will definitely hurt, but the running back depth has been a strength this season.  The biggest problem with losing D.J. is how it may affect special teams.  There are few better in the SEC than D.J. in the kickoff return game.

The Georgia Bulldogs have a wounded team, and they cannot afford to go down to 0-2 in the SEC East. I expect Georgia to come out swinging, with or without A.J. Green – who Mark Richt thinks could possibly be back this week.  The Hogs have taken a step up in class from Week 1 to Week 2 and will take 2 steps up in Week 3.

The game time is set for 11:00AM CDT.  Road teams seem to have a little better go of it in early starts.  It’s a business trip, and the guys don’t have to sit around the hotel all day.  I see it as an advantage to get up, get in, and get out all before the sun sets.  When you’re playing a game that promises to be close, every little advantage means more.

The SEC also announced that the Hogs will be on national television again next weekend, too.  The Alabama game will be the CBS Game of the Week, kicking off at 2:30PM. (Set your tailgate plans accordingly.)  CBS could have the premiere game in the country that weekend if the Hogs and Tide both get through road games unbeaten.  Bama clearly has an easier match up than Arkansas, but I like Duke to give them a good test.  Either way, you’ll have an unbeaten Crimson Tide and – at worst- a one-loss Arkansas looking to save its season at home.

First things first, though.  Arkansas has to figure out how to go on the road and win in a hostile environment.  Vegas does not think the Razorbacks can do it.  They’ve installed Georgia as a three-point favorite.  Until the Hogs go and do someone on the road, this is what we should all expect.  It just takes one big win to change the direction of a season – and sometimes a program.  Beating Georgia will not thrust Arkansas into the BCS Championship Game discussion, but it would set the stage for a potentially landmark season.

This is the one we’ve been waiting on.

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